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Oct 29

Chinese New Year 2007

Happy Spring Festival! (Gwuh Nee-en Haow!) Good fortune, health and prosperity to each of you throughout the Year of the Pig. On the Chinese Calendar, 2007 is the Lunar Year 4704-4705 and the New Year festivities begin on February 18th.

Spring Festival, also known as Chinese New Year, is the most important celebration in China. It carries the same, if not more, importance as Christmas does in western countries. Traditional Spring Festival is synonymous with happiness and good fortune; for more than 15 days, special foods and activities contribute to cherished, lifetime memories. Temple fairs, dragon and lion dances, fireworks equal to a war zone’s sound and light proportions, stilt walking, lantern carnivals and acrobatic shows are everywhere. Pictures of the god of doors and wealth, Chinese Calligraphy with black characters on red paper, and bright red paper cuttings decorate households and add to the atmosphere of good cheer.

The feast of Spring Festival may be the most scrumptious dinner of the year. Dishes such as chicken, fish, and bean curd are the favorites, their homophones, respectively jee, yiew, and doh foo mean auspiciousness, abundance, and prosperity. Jee-aow zih (Chinese dumplings), nee-en gaow (New Year cakes) and tahng yiew-en (a kind of round dumpling made of glutinous rice flour and sweet stuffing served in soup) are also special foods of the season.

After dinner, families play cards or board games, or watch TV programs highlighting the holiday. On New Year’s Day itself, the ancient custom of Hong Baow (meaning red packet) takes place. Children and unmarried adults are given red envelopes of money which symbolizes luck and wealth. Following Hong Baow, families say greetings from door to door, first to their relatives and then to their neighbors. Like the western saying: Let Bygones Be Bygones, at Chinese New Year, old grudges are cast aside.

The end of the New Year is marked by the Festival of Lanterns, which is a celebration with singing, dancing, lantern shows, and yes, more fireworks. Traditionally, Chinese parents prepared lanterns for their children to carry to school during the first days of the New Year. This symbolized their hope that the children would have bright futures. Another interesting tradition is the posting of riddles called Lantern Riddles. They are written on pieces of paper and posted on lanterns or walls, and anyone solving the riddle is awarded a prize.

Born Year of the Pig

If you were born in 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983 or 1995, you were born under the sign of the pig. Like the pig, you are known for your chivalry and pureness of heart, and you often make friends for life. People born in the Year of the Pig are said to be steady and resolute in all things, as well as warm hearted to other people. Competent and persistent as they are, they will spare no efforts in fulfilling any job assigned to them. According to the Chinese zodiac, pigs can overcome any setbacks and obstacles in 2007, so look forward to a year of success, both personally and professionally.

Famous people born in the Year of the Pig include Lucille Ball, Humphrey Bogart, Thomas Jefferson, Mahalia Jackson, David Letterman, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Oct 29

Pottery Art in China With a Long History IV — Chinese Ceramic Pottery

As one of the four ancient civilization nations, China has contributed much to the society of development and progress of human, among them the invention and development of pottery is particular important and significant.

chinese art

Pottery craftwork and ceramic art is the oldest arts and crafts of our country. As far away as in the New Stone Age there are gray pottery, terracotta, white pottery, painted pottery and black pottery with simple and rude styles. In Shang Dynasty glazed pottery and rigid glazed pottery which initially featured with porcelain characters appeared yet. The porcelain was created in the Eastern Han Dynasty, whose production techniques and artistic creation level reached to a high degree of maturity. In Song Dynasty the industry of porcelain flourished greatly, and dozens of famous porcelain kilns emerged in rush. As to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the technology of blank forging, decorating and glazing to firing of pottery are more advanced than those in previous generations.

The mainly species of Chinese pottery are terracotta, black pottery, white pottery, painted pottery, printed pottery and faience pottery and so on.

* Terracotta Pottery

Terracotta Pottery is one kind of pottery in Neolithic Age, and as the clay of which containing a few elements of Fe, which will be oxidized into ferric oxide when roasting, as a result the color of the pottery will take on earth red, brick red or henna, and it got its name consequently.

* Black Pottery

The invention of black pottery, according to archaeological discoveries was taken placed in late Neolithic Age, it was bred out between 2600 BC – 2000 BC. As the black pottery was produced through traditional techniques of pottery, so people often shocked by the magnificent and noble beauty of black pottery, it could bring people will feelings of dignity, comfort, quietness and extending. The discovery of Black pottery culture indicates the pottery production technology of Chinese ceramic has achieved to an unprecedented level, and it also displayed to backwards the historical process of the conversion of pottery production from possessing practicability to meeting aesthetic demands.

* White Pottery

chinese art

“White pottery” is a leap forward from pottery to porcelain. “White pottery” is one kind of pottery, whose inside and exterior surface are both taken on white. Most of ceramic blanks are handmade and using porcelain clay or kaolin which contains less Fe elements than china clay, and the firing temperature of which is about 1000 degrees. The invention and application of incised white pottery in late Shang Dynasty is an achievement in the history of the development of Chinese ceramics production technology.

* Painted Pottery

Painted pottery is a remarkable achievement of Yangshao culture, it is one kind of pottery that painted with sienna, red and black colors. The art of painted pottery featured with strong flavors of life and unique artistic style, the image of which should be painted on the ceramic blank before firing thus the painted patterns will fixed on the ceramic utensil surface and will not break off easily after being fired. The pottery with stamping back patterns from late Neolithic ages to Han Dynasty in China were fired out in such a way: before firing, to press down patterns the pottery needed on its special places just before the ready-made ceramic blanks become dry.

The main sculpts of pottery there are burners, pots, jars and bowls. Among them the main types of ceramic burners there are Ge style burner, Boshan burner, smoke burner and so on; the main types of ceramic pots there are saliva pot, cock head pot, dish mouth pot and so on; the main types of ceramic jars there are four tied jar, small jars with bubbled abdomens, “Tian” word shape jars and small mouthed jars with break shoulders and so on; and the main types of ceramic bowls there are high foot bowls, palace bowls, bamboo hat bowls, lying foot bowls and so on.

chinese art

Chinese ceramics has flourished for many years till today, the dark-red enameled pottery in Yixing city, the ceramic sculpture in Shiwang town, the three-color glazed pottery in Jieshou area, the purple-red pottery in Zibo city, the green glazed pottery in Tongguan area, the carved glazed pottery in Chongning county, the porcelain sculpture in Dehua county, the porcelain willow leaf bottle and porcelain phoenix tail bottle in Jingdezhen are all well known in the world.

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Oct 29

What goes into the signing of a Chinese painting?

I would like to know if the chop marks used in Chinese Paintings usually say the same thing as the painting characters near it. For example, if an artists signs his/her name in ink, does their chop say the exact same thing?

I already know that sometimes the characters on the paintings are not signatures, but phrases or quotes instead.

Tha artist will usually sign their name and put a chop mark with their name. Chops can also have phrases or the names of their studios.


Oct 29

We are a chinese factory producing antique imitation crafts,how can we find buyers?

We are a chinese factory major in producing antique imitation crafts,metal crafts,wooden crafts and so on.
Our products including wine racks,CD Racks,antique car,3D picture frame,sled card,bird cage and so on.
But how can find buyers for these products?

If you are wanting buyers at the wholesale level, you can advertise on some of the websites…I will give you a link for example

There are many trade/gift marts in the US and Europe where many of us buyers go to purchase new goods

You can also contact distributors/importers for getting onto their sales lines

Good luck!


Oct 29

What is a good subtopic to write about on chinese calligraphy/art?

I’m writing an essay about Chinese Calligraphy/art. So far, my subtopics are: chinese calligraphy, Chinese Painting, seals, and the materials used. what is another subtopic I can write about?

Alot of chinese calligraphy goes into tatoos try writing about that


Oct 29

What type of old chinese art / ware is worth collecting ?

hi, i have always been interested in china’s art and way of life. From drinking tea to painting to calligraphy to taichi….etc. Any enthusiast can share their interest / hobbies about Chinese Art ?

noritake china is nice


Oct 28

Chinese Oil Painting Fantasticality

In the art world, people call imitates or copy the famous oil painting of the original works of painting reproduction. China has become the world’s largest exporter, painting reproduction of the main domestic production and sales market in the Guangdong village of dafen and Xiamen of areas.

sell painting look like food market
Xiamen into a typical trip Wholesale painting shop, we would surprise outsiders, here are not equipped with oil painting box, a pile of their 2-10 code to be neatly placed on the ground, a few hundred square meters of the Treasury, the ground filled with The piles of pictures. From different parts of the business through in the meantime, look to see Italy’s thrown out on the side of the passion of the owner will come together to help clean up. After the selection of starting prices, those prices low incredible painting, a Van Gogh’s “Sunflower” imitation goods but dozen yuan, the relative quality of some of the so-called original works also as long as several hundred dollars. On a good price and payment, the owner will be labeled as a bunch of oil-selected, in accordance with the requirements of customers sent to the world. In Xiamen, painting shop every day from all over the world to receive the painting, the daily turnover of at least a thousand to as many as more than 10 million.

handmade reproduction on line
Guangdong and Fujian in the production line painting, painting everywhere, but no one claiming to be a painter, known as the high-level artist, painting known as the primary work. Both the Academy of Fine Arts graduate school and primary school, is the only low-cost copy machines works of art. Line drawing of the production process is not so much to paint, as it is physical. In a few hundred square meters of factory buildings, filled with paint and canvas, canvas with a direct pushpin on the wall, each of the workers painting the face of dozens or even scores of canvas Zhang, in accordance with the procedures established in smearing paint on canvas, each Responsible for some part of the picture, several co-workers to complete a painting works. Some of the requirements of high-style paintings, usually by a higher level of the artist, when asked about a painting Why is it necessary to work with color, the answer is: Master of Education. Some simply in the pre-printed picture of the colored canvas.

As long as orders, according to the prices of different levels of artist, customers want to get any work. Chen Yifei, Chen, Yi Xuan, and other masters of the realist works are everywhere, and here the artist’s works were a large number of cloning. This will not only affect Chinese artists, on Europe and the United States and around the world artists, art galleries and even the industry will also have a huge impact. Many American arts organizations were concerned about this phenomenon and to investigate a series of Chinese Painting it is an offense under the U.S. copyright-related laws.
There are people in the village had a well-known galleries and the United States talk show to copy the “Mona Lisa” super capacity, and is claiming that the Chinese fine arts industry. When the line drawn by the Chinese oil paintings appear in the global market, China’s artists face has been misrepresented in the foreign media to describe a Chinese artist wrote: In China, only a small number of artists like Chen Yifei, ZAO Wou-ki, Wu Guanzhong, and other works in Europe Sold to the United States and each of hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars or even a good price, most of the Chinese Artist’s works are priced at 500 U.S. dollars each or less, many Chinese artists created the only source of those postcards or pictures from the Internet.

Into the world art market

Line the main draw to meet the needs of interior decorating, but there are also a small number of collectors into the market. Yiwu painting of a shop Mr. Wang (not his real name) went to Shanghai, a discovery gallery for the display of original works of the so-called Italy was their production, the gallery owner and talk to those that really works from the gallery to Italy 200-1000 U.S. The price of the buy back. Gallery owner to see Mr. Wang brought the pieces of painting, very surprised, all bought and that he should not quiet. After that, Mr. Wang said, may be in this life abroad are afraid to buy the painting. There are many such stories, some of the lines have been painted as original works for sale at high prices, and even into the auction market. In addition, Mr. Wang also revealed that a small number of well-known artists will be under orders to him, copying his artist’s works, and then sign to sell.



Oct 28

Chinese Zodiac Snake

The Snake is the most introspective and collected animal in the Chinese Zodiac. Snake people put a lot of importance in material wealth and are very strong-minded, charming and popular individuals. They make decisions very quickly and firmly. They have a tendency to plot and scheme and get a project going their way.

Snakes keep their emotions well hidden. They do not like very noisy places. The home of a Snake will generally be filled with peaceful music and muted colors.

Snakes are intelligent and hard-working people who are also very creative. They generally do well in arts and crafts field. Snakes however can get bored easily and tend to move from one project to another quite rapidly.

In love they can be very possessive and need a lot of security.

Snakes make excellent leaders, news anchors, astrologers, spiritual leaders and magicians.

On the positive side Snake people are wise, profound, clever, creative, compassionate, discreet, highly-organized and have strong leadership qualities. They are also very influential people and once convinced in a point of view will strongly support it to their very last breath.

On the nagative side Snake people are judgmental, anxious, calculating, indifferent, intense, power driven.

Gemstone of the Snake is Agate.

Find out your compatibility with the other Chinese signs. The strengths and weaknesses of Chinese Zodiac may vary based on their element sign. The five different elements in the order of productive cycle include Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. If you do not know your element zodiac find out your Chinese element sign at

Some of the popular Snake personalities include Martha Stewart, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Barabara Walters.


Oct 28

Beginner Chinese Calligraphy

Beginner Chinese Calligraphy, The Han Dynasty in 100 A.D. is the first origin of Chinese characters. The Chinese dictionary completed at that time included around 9,353 characters. The next version of the Chinese dictionary came out of Qing Dynasty and was called the “Kangxi” dictionary. The 42 booklets contained over 46,964 characters, which most are not even used today. There are variants on the characters, revised and refined in the current simplified edition of the Chinese language. This edition was put out by the People’s  Republic of China in 1956. This book  narrowed the characters down to about 6,500. This is considered a simplified form and is the most common form used today, although some remain committed to using the old traditional ways.

Chinese characters have been defined as complicated yet beautiful in their meaning.  They are complex in relation to other writing languages. Romanization is used in terms of relation or simple visual information, however the meaning of the character remains mysterious as the art styles behind it. Some Chinese characters mimic similar tones of other characters, yet have different meanings. Some characters written with just an added dot or stroke, turn into something completely different.

Of Chinese history, the crowning achievement to their culture, is the Chinese characters. They are an abstract art form displaying incredible depth of meaning in just a few brushstrokes. This thick symbolism has made it’s way into mainstream art from centuries gone and desirable still today. Words like love, faith, endure, tranquility, written in a one character form creates a personalization amongst the observer admiring it.  Many of these characters live on walls in homes to communicate a feeling.  Many masters have created their own unique style and now exists over 120 different styles of written Chinese Calligraphy.

Learning to draw these characters requires patience, proper tools, clear concise instructions and of course, lots of practice. Acquiring this skilled art form can be hours of entertainment and enjoyment because it is so unfolding in a multi conceptual way.  You will learn the proper directions and different styles (one or two you may adopt as your own), and you will also learn each character’s simple, yet intense meaning. More than likely, you will choose a few complimentary to your own personality and self-expression. Rich information and cultural history is born from learning to write Chinese characters. The ability to dive into a whole new world is invigorating and creating the beautiful work is self actualization process all on it’s own.

Whether you embark on learning to write one character well to display as art on your wall, or you continue with the craft to put words together, even learning to read Chinese, it is rewarding.  The more you unravel the mystery living inside each of these characters, it seems to create added curiosity and a desire to keep going.

The ancient art of Chinese characters are popularized in cultures other than Chinese. The styles and forms of characters seen everywhere, are now a highly demanded art to learn.

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Oct 28

Chinese Oil Painting Reproduction Attacks Europe and America Art Market

Chinese oil painting reproduction attacks Europe and America art market
In the arts world, copy the original painting works or imitate the style of known artwork name ” oil painting reproduction.” These paintings because of lack of originality, inexpensive and mass production, lock-in a large number of artworks market in the low-end market. According to the World Bank painted wholesalers Maikeweida investigation, the U.S. market, a popular line of oil paintings from China, 70%, 80% from Shenzhen and Xiamen oil painting village, which from an unknown small village , Has become “the first Chinese oil painting village”, experts have been called “dafen mode” and “Wu Shipu” phenomenon.”
nonce, China’s oil production has started from the workshop of the successful transition to an independent operating large-scale industrial development pipeline, China’s national conditions, is very good at large-scale assembly line production.
     Xiamen is located in the Village Wushipu with respect to production, sales painting reproduction assembly line operations in order to copy the way the original works, and then selling low-cost, the formation of large-scale oil processing plant reproduction. Here, paint, brushes, canvas and other materials are extremely cheap, a small village there are hundreds of oil painting stores . The paintings are sold in the Chinese coastal cities such as Xiamen, this spring, based in Manchester, CEO of the Negev Qi, Ge • Security was also here that he was less than an hour on Decided to order a large, the painting will be completed this fall, when the full 6 40 feet long containers destined for Europe and the United States. Ge was that each of the framed picture to increase in the price of 25 dollars to 30 dollars, and each piece of work about 1 dollar freight, he was prepared to sell oil to those furniture stores, each in the price of 35-40 U.S. dollars, ” Oil retail prices in Europe will reach 100 U.S. dollars each to 125 U.S. dollars, while the retail price in the United States will reach 160 U.S. dollars each. ”
     Chinese oil painting has the advantage of producing the oil into a pipeline of the operation, copying a very meticulous division of labor, not only to improve efficiency, lower costs even lower.
Chinese artists  low  pay
     In China, however, only a small number of artists like Chen Yifei, ZAO Wou-ki, Wu Guanzhong, and other works can be sold in Europe and the United States each hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in price, most of the Chinese Artist’s works are priced at 500 U.S. dollars each Or even less. Many Chinese Creative artists of the only sources of those postcards or pictures from the Internet, and so on, Lucas copy of the 20,000 pieces of works of Van Gogh is on a roll from the Van Gogh-page book, is that they rely on the master copy of these To work to earn living expenses low.
     Most of the artists after two years of apprenticeship is a career began after the oil drawn, they pay less than 200 U.S. dollars per month “great-fen village,” China is not unique to the industry, the United States had a similar “fun village” model Running, but now, where the paintings were missing workers and designers.
     At that time, in the United States gathered in the northern New Jersey for a number of families, restaurants and hotels designed by the arts of painting, but these companies have abandoned the direction of the production, the main focus of the import business. Dalong to the company (daeryungcomopany), for example, 20 years ago, they have a division devoted to painting 7 painting in indoor workplaces, and four years ago, the last artist has left the company. The company members of the Week Helen (helencho) said: “It’s a good place to start when we can clearly tell what the market needs oil painting artist, but now, the Chinese people catch up.”
The United States trade alert
Chinese oil pipeline operations in the West not only caused concern in the art circle, but also Europe and the United States and around the world will be the artists, art galleries and even the industry will have a great impact. Many arts organizations of the United States have begun to guard against this phenomenon and to investigate whether or not to follow a series of Chinese oil paintings in the United States related to the copyright law. China’s exports of oil companies agreed that each copy of the paintings are handmade by the artist, so there will not be infringing copyright. However, the United States and the Visual Arts Gallery Association, Robert did not agree with this statement, “the 20th century, before the creation of works of art, of course, be free to copy and trafficking, but whether it works in modern times was’ reasonable ‘and copy sales are illegal.