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Feb 25

Chinese Painting by Wendy Lin

chinese painting For collections, classes, seminars, or teaching videos (DVD) for beginners, please contact Wendy at Wendy has been practicing Chinese Painting (Bamboo, Orchid, Chrysanthamum, Plum blossom, flower and bird, fish and etc) for more than 40 years and won numerous teaching awards in the United States. Ms. Lin also teaches Chinese painting at Richland College, Richardson, Texas and the Association of Tao Art in Irving.
She is currently the President of Dallas/Fort Worth Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Association for 2007-2008.

Duration : 0:1:47

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Feb 25

Asian-Inspired Crafts : Making a Chinese Rock Garden: Sprinkle Sand

chinese crafts Once the wood is painted, sprinkle sand in your Chinese rock garden. Learn how to make a Chinese rock garden in this free crafts video.

Expert: Carie Ellington
Bio: Carie Ellington is an event planner. She began her craft work by creating signs for sporting events and worked her way to baby showers, weddings, corporate events and product promotions.
Filmmaker: Adolph Ramirez

Duration : 0:1:5

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Feb 25

Kai Shu Characters 淮孫景 in Chinese Calligraphy Wei Bei Style

chinese calligraphy Free download of various Chinese Calligraphy models of the Wei and Jin Dynasties: 魏碑 (“Wei Bei”), a subset of Chinese calligraphy Kai Shu styles, is generally regarded as one of the best art forms for training the technical requirements of different Chinese calligraphy styles.

Sample characters in this video:
淮 the Huai River
孫 grandson
景 scene

Duration : 0:4:6

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Feb 25

Sugar Painting – Chinese Dragon

chinese art A very traditional Chinese folk art which is really rarely seen nowadays.

Duration : 0:4:17

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Feb 15

Chinese painting ideas?

I need an idea for my chinese based painting, it could possibly include a dragon?

Spend some time on Yahoo or Google images.


Feb 15

Does it make you cringe when you see "anarchic" musicians smash their equipment on stage?

Do they not realise the amount of graft and craft those Chinese kids put into making the machinery?

I might as well watch seal clubbing.

Maybe those equipments made them really mad about something.

But really, I don’t like smashing anything. Like when you see on tv people smashing their phones or destroying ex-boyfriend’s watches or smashing dishes against the walls. It’s not really that much fun if you’re not paid to do that. It is expensive fun and one has to clean the mess after him/herself. If I didn’t want the ex-boyfriend to have his watch, I’d rather just sell it and buy something nice for myself instead – that makes much more sense, right?!


Feb 15

What messages can I have on my Chinese Calligraphy Seal?

Recently I’ve been taking up Chinese Painting and calligraphy, and I’m thinking of having a seal engraved.

I want my seal(s) to venerate the different Buddhas and teach good values, so I was thinking of having the following turned into seals:

a. Namo Shi Jia Ru Lai (Namo Shakyamuni Tathagatha), which I’ll use when copying Sutras or Dharma words;

b. Namo Yao Shi Ru Lai (Namo Medicine Tathagatha), which I’ll use for when I write well-wishes and "auspicious" words;

c. Namo Amitofo, which I’ll use for when I copy or write things pertaining to death and impermanence.

I do NOT have a Chinese name yet; so is it okay for me to have a seal made which says "Fo Dao Xue Sheng?" (Student of the Buddha’s Path)

Are these acceptable to be turned into seals?

If not, can anyone please give better suggestions?

Thank you for your help.

I think you should have a Chinese’s name first, then you can turned it into your seal.
Normally Chinese use their name’s seal on Chinese Painting. Some of them may have more than one seal.


Feb 15

do you know some titles of contemporary chinese art books?

i am an italian student and i’m writing my Thesis about contemporary Chinese Art… expecially in Beijing….i need some English or American books because in Italy doesen’t exist!!!!!!!

No, Sorry


Feb 14

The Good Fortune Peony – a Chinese Painting Demo by Henry Li

chinese painting Along with the plum blossom, peony is a traditional floral symbol of China, where the tree peony(Paeonia suffruticosa) is called 牡丹 (mǔdān). The peony flower is also known as 富贵花 (fùguìhuā) “flower of riches and honour,” and is used symbolically in Chinese Art. The inscription on this painting is written in the Han seal script:
宜富当贵(Yi-fu-dang-gui)meaning “youdeserve to be rich and honour.”
If you are interested in learning how to do it and other subject matters in Chinese brush painting style, I will be teaching a step-by-step online class this coming July. For more info please visit tp://

For Chinese painting supplies please visit:

and here is a list of materials used in this painting for your reference:
1) Blue Heron Arts Semi-sized Xuan rice paper

2) A soft(goat or sheep) hair brush for the flowers, and I used the set of 3 waterbrushes for the rest of the painting.

3) Maries Chinese Painting Colours: yellow, vermilion, cinnabar and rouge for the petals; yellow, indigo, vermillion and ink for the leaves, umber and vermillion plus ink for the wood stems.
4) Chung Hwa bottled Ink or any other sumi ink.
5) Felt pad.
6) Ceramic flower palette.
7) Brush washer, rest and holder,
8) Magnetic paperweight and magnetic white board.
9) Stone seal and seal ink pad.

You can find these supplies at our online store:

Wishing you a happy prosperious year of the rabbit!


Duration : 0:14:51

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Feb 14

How to make construction paper decorative Paper Lamp

chinese crafts In this episode we show you how to make construction paper decorative Paper Lamp

For more information about this tutorial visit :

and English:

Simple Kids Crafts ( is a video blog dedicated to children’s arts and crafts, as well as sharing craft recipes and experiments.. We offer easy and simple crafts with step by step instructions, coloring pages, school resources, educational materials, arts and science projects for kids, parents and teachers …. and all for FREE!

with a focus on crafts for pre-school, kindergarten and elementary crafts.

Make easy, simple crafts, especially made for children, with paper, pompoms, things easy to find at home and recycled materials. decorative and functional crafts, including painting, functional toys, gifts, cards, easy projects and ideas, puppet shows, albums, scrapbooking and jewelry. In addition experiments for kids interested in science.

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Duration : 0:3:1

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