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Jul 25

Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei Loses Tax Appeal

chinese art A Beijing court has rejected artist Ai Weiwei’s lawsuit against the tax bureau that imposed a massive fine against his company. Ai’s lawyer said he’ll file an appeal. (July 20)

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Jul 25

has the chinese art of wei qi furthered you on your path spiritually?

If so, how exactly? (baduk, go, weiqi, igo)
to clarify, this is a board game, not a martial art.

yes weiqi, also know as go games, really interesting game.


Jul 23

Who Started the Art of Making Paper Flowers?

It can be argued that it was the Egyptians and not the Chinese, who invented paper flowers because the word “Paper” comes from an ancient Egyptian word “papyrus”, which is an aquatic grassy plant found at the banks of the River Nile in Egypt. This plant has flowers that grows in clusters at the tip of each stem; which are triangle in shape and stand upright, and has long leaves. History has it the Egyptians have been using “papyrus” way back as 5,000 years for a variety of uses including as a writing material which later helped invent the name “paper”.

It is also believed that the art of making paper flowers originated in China and goes way back as 2,000 years ago soon after paper was invented. The Chinese started making paper flowers, which would float in containers of water, to be used for religious offerings, but as time evolved they were also used as a creative channel for meditation and came to be recognized as one of four arts the high-born Chinese man strived to master. The Chinese floral creation tries to depict good over evil, light over darkness, forces of the world and presents its contrast in forms, colors and textures. Their plant materials and containers also represent fixed messages though their choice of colors and composition and by the maturity and color of the flower leaves and stems. In today’s modern society there are still some traditional Chinese styles that have evolved over the centuries which continue to influence designers all over the world.

The Chinese not only use paper to make flowers, they have taken it a step further and are known to produce such items as paper fans, paper lanterns and other decorative pieces. In paper cutting which the Chinese pride themselves at, there is a tradition of using such themes from history, religious beliefs, nature, the famous Chinese dragons and among other things the popular Chinese Legends. Some pieces represent the commemoration of special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and their complex designs and delicate lines symbolizes a gift of patience and talent for the lucky person who it is designed fo,r to treasure for life.

In the Victorian days women started making paper flower when the real flowers were out of season. They made these flowers by unraveling a real flower and drawing pictures of them on paper, which they used as a template. The stems were made with wire covered with green tissue paper, because in those days floral tape was probably not yet invented. They used these flowers to decorate various rooms in their homes. It was also a favorite pastime for these women who in those days were limited in their social activities.

Anand R


Jul 22

China Glaze Tronica (#1) Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial

chinese art (& yes, since this is #1 that does mean there will be #2, I already have picked which other colors I want to use!) More Pics can be seen in this blog post:

Nail polish used:
Wet ‘n’ Wild French White
China Glaze Hyper Haute
China Glaze Hologram
China Glaze Techno Teal
China Glaze Virtual Violet

Tips & Tricks Playlist (taping tutorial, how to clean-up & more):

Water Marble Tutorials Playlist:

Nail Art Tutorials Playlist:

You can check out the My Simple Little Pleasures Facebook page here:

Duration : 0:4:2

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Jul 19

Cai Guo-Qiang Explosion Work

chinese art Chinese Artist Cai Guo-Qiang, who works primarily in gunpowder, works on an “Explosion Work” on Long Island, New York, in 2006. Video produced by McConnell/Hauser Inc.

Duration : 0:4:6

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Jul 16

A World of Art: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

chinese art Founded in 1870, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is a three dimensional encyclopedia of art history. Produced for Public Television by Great Museums TV.

Duration : 0:50:36

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Jul 16

Lovers of Chinese Food Abound Everywhere in the World

Chinese cooking calls for the highest of creative culinary preparations and forms of presenting dishes besides asking for a basic set of Chinese cooking supplies. If you are one of the many people who crave the taste of authentic Chinese meals and want to whip up delicious dishes with a distinct Oriental taste, you?d be better off hoping for the perfect recipe achievement if you know how to draw the best out of this rich and varied culture of Chinese cooking, almost an art-form!
The lovers of Chinese food abound everywhere in the world, irrespective of geographical boundaries and ethnic orientations because the generous dose of spices and cultural limitations for the help The highly spiced and true Chinese dishes are cooked with the intention of serving all kinds of palates! Thus, the whole culture of using Chinese cooking supplies along with knowledge of the appropriate dining etiquette and suitable dishes for festival time besides specific uses of Chinese herbs and flavors according to their individual properties is what has popularized this cuisine globally.
When we speak about authentic Chinese cooking supplies being essential to bringing out the right flavors and nutrients in a dish, we are actually referring to the purchase and use of the appropriate utensils and other paraphernalia that professional chefs in China are accustomed to using for preparation of top-class Chinese meals. Thus, some basic Chinese cooking supplies that will add authenticity to the whole picture of preparing and presenting a Chinese meal include a wok, tang chi, iron Palette, rolling pin and the obvious – chopsticks! There are many more, but these few items form the basic list of necessary cooking gear used in Chinese meal preparation and eating with chopsticks an art that replaces using cutlery like forks and knives, which the Chinese despise as they associate it with hostility and their chopsticks are symbols of compassion and generosity. At times, foreigners find it difficult to use chopsticks during a meal but the Chinese love it as it is believed they add flavor and fun to eating noodles.
Among the most useful of Chinese cooking utensils is the Wok; it has many uses and is generally used for an array of services such as stir frying, steam-cooking, making stews and giving food a smoked flavor! Broad, sharp knives are favored by Chinese chefs for multipurpose chopping, dicing and carving meat, veggies and fruit dishes besides to julienne special stir-fried foods for the help A favored way of cooking buns, chicken and meat is steaming while noodles are boiled in sieves made of wire.
The conventional form of cooking Chinese meals using Chinese cooking supplies provides for health, happiness and balance in all aspects of enjoying a meal and therefore the stress laid on acquiring and using utensils that help cook the food right, fast and in flavorful manner – be it commercially or in a home-kitchen.



Jul 13

Modern Chinese Painter – 宋文治 Song Wenzhi (part 1)

chinese art

Song Wenzhi (1919-1999, Taicang, Jiangsu Province) studied advertising art in Shanghai when he was young. Later he became a student of Wu Hufan ( 吳湖帆 ), a master of Chinese Calligraphy and painting and a renowned connoisseur and collector.

After having studied at the Suzhou Art Training Institute, he taught at secondary schools and normal universities. He joined the Jiangsu Province Traditional Chinese Painting Studio in 1957. Song Wenzhi studied classical Chinese painting techniques of the Four Wangs ( 四王 王時敏、王鑒、王原祁、王翬 ), Western perspectives and color theories, and paintings of Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, and etc.

Song was a director of the Chinese Artists Association, and a vice-chairman of its Jiangsu Branch. Many of his works have been included in international collections.

Important Art of New China 1949-1979 (China Guardian Auction Catalogue 1997, Beijing)
Chen Lusheng, Xin Zhongguo meishu tushi – 1949-1966 [The Art History of the People's Republic of China - 1949-1966] (Beijing: Zhongguo qingnian chubanshe, 2000) [in Chinese]
Michael Sullivan, Modern Chinese Artists — A Biographical Dictionary (Berkeley, etc: University of California Press, 2006)
Zhongguo meishuguan (ed.), 中国美术年鉴 1949-1989 (Guilin: Guangxi meishu chubanshe, 1993)

Duration : 0:5:35

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Jul 10

China: West Meets East at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

chinese art The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is home to the finest collection of Chinese masterpieces of any museum outside of China. Produced for Public Television by Great Museums TV.

Duration : 0:56:43

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Jul 08

Chinese Art Work

chinese art This shop was owned by a beijinger, and he has been serving Chinese Art works here for a long time. Check it out.

Duration : 0:2:56

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