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Jul 03

How should I start learning Chinese calligraphy?

I am taking Mandarin Chinese in college, and I was hoping for some recommendations on how I should start learning calligraphy. I have been looking online, and all I can find are really cheap and horrible sets. I don’t need anything like an East-Asian master would use, but I don’t want to buy something that will last less than a few years. I’m also hoping someone can inform me on a bit of the process of everything (carving a seal, brush and paper preparation, ink preparation, etc). Thanks!

Read Calligraphy Books

The beginners should read different books on Chinese characters. The market is flooded with large number of English language books available on the subject. Going through different types of literature on Chinese Calligraphy can help you in the long run to master the art.

Make Use of Technology

Today’s learner can make use of modern technology to learn Chinese language. These modern devices will help you to draw and write with the same ease and familiarity that a pen or brush offers. Apple iPads and other tablets have introduced top class applications that make practicing Chinese characters on your machine very easy. So, make sure you make maximum use of technology to master the art of Chinese language symbols.

Join a Calligraphy Club

Learning with others can help you immensely to master the complex art of Chinese language symbols. The best idea is to join a calligraphy club which will meet the needs of calligraphers at all skill and experience levels. Chinese Sphere is one such online portal were you will find solutions to your questions regarding Chinese calligraphy.


Jul 01

OAS Chinese Calligraphy Lesson 3

chinese calligraphy OASart, lessonOAS Chinese Calligraphy Lesson 3

Duration : 0:3:20

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Jun 28

Forbidden City: Chinese Calligraphy Brush Sets for Beginners / Custom Box Sets #1

chinese calligraphy Chinese Calligraphy and painting supplies Forbidden City – Four Treasures video episodes – Discussing the combinations of brush sets and kits with Robert Bo, Dallas, Texas – worlds largest wholesale of Four Treasures

Robert Bo 薄先生
(972) 758-7238 (Preferred)
Please call between 12-6 PM, Mon to Sat, Texas time
Near Coit & Plano Parkway, Plano, Texas or


Duration : 0:4:15

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Jun 25

Chinese calligraphy “dragon”

chinese calligraphy Dragon written in a Chinese Calligraphy demo

Duration : 0:0:45

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Jun 22

Four Treasures Chinese Calligraphy Box Set for Beginners

chinese calligraphy 1. Four Treasures box sets from Amazon, e-Bay or Taobao

More 文房四宝 from

Hopefully these will make great Christmas gifts.

2. Preparing new brushes
Soaking new brushes – Obeying the Centered Tip Principle 中鋒 is required in all stages of using Chinese calligraphy brushes for beginners and experienced calligraphers as well.
中鋒 is one of the most important techniques of Chinese calligraphy.

NOTE: The brushes sold with box sets have different levels of qualities. It’s best to consult experienced calligraphers for reliable resources. Some box sets have brushes that might make beginners of Chinese calligraphy unable to understand some calligraphic principles and achieve good writing results.

3. Looking for models to copy
Google “Free Chinese calligraphy model” or search 楷書, 書法 and (or) 字帖 from and

4. Grinding ink
More video

5. Finding basic writing methods and principles
Dipping brushes with ground ink and basic writing techniques

6. Cleaning brushes & inkstones
Search in or

7. Brief view of Chinese seal chops
Chinese seals and their usages have special types of knowledge and sets of rules and taboos in Chinese culture, especially when they are applied in Chinese Calligraphy and brush painting. It’s not necessary for beginners to know the rules involved as shown below.
篆刻 = seal carving; 用印 = using seals; 規則 = rules
篆刻用印規則 (Some related & unrelated articles in Google) (Some samples of using seals)

Filename: FourTreasureBoxSet-Beginners-Version1

Duration : 0:7:35

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Jun 19

Chinese calligraphy painting silk mounting & various supplies (lowest prices)

chinese calligraphy
EBay Store from
Large selection of Chinese calligraphy and painting ink stones, wool felt, Xuan paper,
Teapots, brushes at wholesale prices – Guaranteed wholesale prices preferred by:
Dallas Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Association
Oriental Art Association (Irving, Texas)

Mall stores around the U.S. and other wholesalers
Direct import from manufactures in China – lowest prices from entry level to professional qualities of Chinese calligraphy and painting tools and supplies.

Chinese calligraphy & painting brush, Xuan paper, ink stick, inkstones and other Four Treasure items
Lowest Prices & Worldwide Shipping
over 30,000 items in stock

Duration : 0:3:5

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Jun 16

OAS Chinese Calligraphy Lesson 2

chinese calligraphy on this lesson we introduce a vertical bone stroke as we work on the number 10 , 20 , & 30. we also work on running style with the word fortune in honor of chinese new year.

Duration : 0:5:8

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Jun 13

Chinese Calligraphy Demo

chinese calligraphy from “”

Duration : 0:0:32

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Jun 11

How to write my name in Chinese Calligraphy?

I’m trying to figure out how to write my Chinese name which in English is

Mun Kit Wong

Wong=family name
Mun and Kit are my Given names
Awesome thanks.

Yes it is Cantonese, and the translation you’ve got for Mun Kit is what I’ve managed to come up with thanks, although my character for Wong is different

Are the names Mun Kit based on Cantonese or Mandarin as spoken language? It sounds like Cantonese-based to me, so I’ll assume that for now:

Wong = 王 (same character in both traditional and simplified form)
Mun Kit = 文傑 (traditional form) / 文杰 (simplified form)

This would be the most likely name that I can think of.

* Update *

Ah, so your surname is of this Wong? –> 黄


Jun 10

Making a Chinese Calligraphy Brush. The Process. “Wishing Brush.”

chinese calligraphy Looking to buy a particularly special Calligraphy Brush?

You may not do very much better than buy one from Master Lin.
His work seems to be impressive and, as a family business, would seem to show the signs of success through the generations.
Take a look and see!

I found this site today and thought it worthy of some time for a little free promotion. I thought this was an impressive effort at describing the Brush making process.
This should be far more common to find than it is.
Good for Master Lin.

Master Lin:
“Four generations of traditional brush making have long survived in the Republic of Chinas grand capital, the city of Taipei. Lam Sam Yick, our exclusive calligraphy and painting brush supplier, is a family owned company established a century ago. They are famous for their development of high quality brushes by using all natural products. Their number one top seller is the Wishing brush which has been in the making for the past 96 years. What distinguishes this familys success in the brush making industry is locked in their secret technique of creating their brushes. Their system entails using an exact percentage of different hair types to create a perfect brush. These brushes present the calligraphy artist with higher quality by maintaining its original shape during and after usage, as well as allowing the artist different characteristic in their script. Pictured below you will see Master Lin assembling the very favored brush.”

Making a Chinese Calligraphy Brush. The Process. “Wishing Brush.”

Duration : 0:4:44

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