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Jul 25

Jian Zhi — Chinese paper cutting

chinese crafts Rashitha Hamid travels to Melacca to see how Master Ray Tan craftily cut out designs on papers. The beautiful patterns and Chinese phrases carry auspicious meanings and are a must-have for most Chinese households during Chinese New Year.

Duration : 0:5:21

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Jul 22

Easy – How to Make a Friendship Bracelet in Chinese Staircase Pattern

chinese crafts In this video I show you how to do a Friendship Bracelet in the Chinese Staircase Pattern. I will show you step by step how to make jewelry with this very pretty pattern for a bracelet, ankle bracelet, anklet, necklace, or any other application you would like to create it for. Share them with your friends, give them as gifts, or just make them for yourself. Please remember to subscribe because I have so much more to come; something helpful and of interest to everyone. Thanks so much for viewing!

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Duration : 0:9:21

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Jul 19

“Rain” Bamboo Chinese Painting 1/4

chinese crafts Start paint bamboo, pinetree, plum blossom, and other subjects easily with a brush and ink with Chinese Calligraphy and brushes techniques.

Our “Easy Series” of Chinese Painting will cover most genres and subjects by different painting instructors. The Easy Series will also include Chinese origami, cooking, crafts, and etc.

Duration : 0:2:36

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Jul 16

Pak China Navy making fast attack craft missile boats

chinese crafts Pak China Navy making fast attack craft missile boats

Duration : 0:1:8

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Jul 13

UFO, Alien Mothership Space Craft over China

chinese crafts UFO

Duration : 0:2:24

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Jul 11

where can I order grease pencils aka Chinese markers?

I’ve had no luck finding stores that have anything but black colored chinese markers but my company needs RED.
I’ve tried arts and crafts stores like Michaels and office supply stores like Stapes and Office Max all to no avail.

I’d appreciate any information on this, if you can include price that would be a bonus. :)


I would try Amazon, I just saw them priced between 2.50 to 10.00 $ on average. Though if you want to try for cheaper try EBAY, you might get lucky.


Jul 10

Panjiayuan Weekend Market – Beijing China

chinese crafts The Panjiayuan Market is a super shopping market for all Chinese Arts and crafts. It is made up of over three thousand individual stalls covering 48,500 square metres.

Duration : 0:1:55

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Jul 08

How to Make a Kirigami Chinese Dragon Pop-up Card

chinese crafts — Have you ever marveled at a beautiful pop-up card and wondered how they made it? Well, now you can do it too. Kirigami, the art of paper cutting is special way to make beautiful handmade paper art. With my printable patterns and Kirigami is fun for novice and advanced paper crafters. Just print from any desktop printer, fold, cut, assemble! All parts interlock, using no glue. Best of all, you can customize, personalize and make them over and over again! If you love Paper Crafts, Origami, Jianzhi, Kirigami, Monkiri, Papel Picado, Scherenschnitte, Wycinanki, Card Making, and Scrapbooking, Easy Cut Pop-up™ patterns are a great addition to your paper craft studio.

Duration : 0:10:21

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Jul 04

The mini repeating crossbow crafts

chinese crafts crafts for sale size: 17(L)*18(W)*11.5(H)cm pack size:30.5(L)*22.5(W)*17.3(H)cm (crafts) but shooting still works with 10 toothsticks arrow,shooting distance about 1m.
The Chinese repeating crossbow (Chinese: 諸葛弩; pinyin: Zhūgě nǔ; Wade-Giles: Chu-ke nu; literally “Zhuge crossbow”; sometimes misspelled as Chu-ko-nu) is a device with a simple design.
It is commonly believed to have been invented by the Chinese strategist Zhuge Liang (226-481 A.D.) of the Three Kingdoms period. its widespread use as a handheld defensive weapon in the defense of fortifications made this a vital weapon during a siege.
However, this belief is false as the earliest repeating crossbows (found in Tomb 47 of Qinjiazui, Hubei province) were dated to the 4th century BC.[1] Zhuge Liang improved the design of the repeating crossbow, and made a version which shot two to three bolts at once and was used in massed formations, and for this reason, it was named after him. This craft( zhuge nu) is manufactured quaintly by modern design with brass gilding according to zhuge repeating crossbow theory. It works with 10 toothpick arrows repeating shooting although its” palm size.. Allegedly the ancient Chinese emperors owned it for self-defense.

Duration : 0:0:35

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Jul 01

Chinese Take Out Box Charms

chinese crafts PRINT THE BOX HERE:

I made three Chinese take out boxes. One with lo mein noodles, another with fried rice, and the last with beef & broccoli.

You can turn each charm into a necklace, keychain, or earrings.


F A C E B O O K:

T W I T T E R:!/ToniEllison

T U M B L R:

G O O G L E + :

Polymer clay is a sculptable material based on the polymer polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It usually contains no clay minerals, and is only called “clay” because its texture and working properties resemble those of mineral clay. It is sold in craft, hobby, and art stores, and is used by artists, hobbyists, and children for making many items, such as charms, artwork and other crafts.

Duration : 0:5:42

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