Jul 16

A World of Art: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

chinese art Founded in 1870, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is a three dimensional encyclopedia of art history. Produced for Public Television by Great Museums TV.

Duration : 0:50:36

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  1. GreatMuseums says:

    The Met truly is …
    The Met truly is the kind of museum that inspires on every visit. Have a great time! (And you may want to check out GREAT MUSEUMS’ other programs on the Met – An Acquiring Mind and West Meets East.

  2. sayonarasuicide says:

    I’m going there on …
    I’m going there on june. Last time I went there it was in 2002…. whoa! Can’t wait to be inspired!

  3. GreatMuseums says:

    Terrific. Have a …
    Terrific. Have a great time!

  4. jimmyveryhappy says:

    im going there
    im going there

  5. GreatMuseums says:

    Aha – that worked! …
    Aha – that worked! I especially like Renoir’s Two Girls at the Piano. Thanks much!

  6. sybylo says:

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for writing back at me!! I will definitely watch this video.
    Maybe you want to try to type these words while looking at my video: Paintings & Sculptures: The Metropolitan Museum of NYC

  7. GreatMuseums says:

    Your Sundays must …
    Your Sundays must be divine indeed, although I couldn’t find this collection at your channel. You may also enjoy GREAT MUSEUMS’ An Acquiring Mind (about previous Director Philippe de Montebello’s acquisition process) and West Meets East (about the Chinese galleries of the Met). Thanks for your comment and see you at the Met!

  8. sybylo says:

    I spend most of my …
    I spend most of my Sundays at the MET. It’s my favorite NYC museum. Here is a collection of my last Sunday promenade: sybylo channel “Paintings and Sculptures at the Metropolitan Museum of NYC

  9. 57yearcrucifixion says:

    CRIMES: Count 1 – …
    CRIMES: Count 1 – Invasion of Privacy. Which caused Count 2 – Continuous-Crown-Of-Thorns since 2/16/1994. I am still waiting for full-and-complete-disclosure under the Legal Freedom of Information/Privacy Acts. Monday, February 20, 2012 (C.E.), 6:17 AM (Earth-Eastern Standard Time)

  10. MRSVISHOUS2012 says:

    I WISH I …


  11. GreatMuseums says:

    Thanks very much …
    Thanks very much for your comment.  Happy holidays!

  12. Positive091 says:

    very beautiful …
    very beautiful about museums ,history the world of Arts,these thing that holiness ,fantastic artist

  13. GreatMuseums says:

    Thanks so much! …
    Thanks so much! That’s great that you were able to visit the Cloisters. You’re right – too few people make it there and it’s well worth the visit.
    We invite you to check out GREAT MUSEUMS Facebook page, where you can see the latest goings on with GREAT MUSEUMS and where we welcome your comments.

  14. cfh99nyc says:

    Hi, just wanted to …
    Hi, just wanted to stop by and show my support. I recently visited the cloisters and was moved to tears… its a shame more people dont know about it! keep up the great work!

  15. GreatMuseums says:

    The recommended …
    The recommended price for students is $12. However, the Met participates in several programs that include free admission for students. All New York City public school students, along with students from Bard Graduate Center, Barnard College, Columbia University, and the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University, may visit the Museum for free. Please check with your school administrator to see if your student ID allows free admission to the Museum.

  16. krados916 says:



    I’m not entirely sure but you would most likely have to pay. I’m in an Art highschool and my Art teacher told me that its free for public highschool students. All you have to do is show your ID card.

    But since you are in college you might have to pay the usual $25 ike everybody else that isnt a high school student. Thats what my teacher told me. I’m gonna go one of these days cause its only a few blocks from my school

  17. Sweetheart7179 says:

    i was just …
    i was just wondering do you have to pay to get in because me and my cousin is going there tomorrow and we are both college students but im going for a hw assignment and he is coming along with me

  18. TuesdayMorningInSept says:

    ‘Tuesday Morning in …
    ‘Tuesday Morning in September’. Available on DVD. Runtime 130 minutes.
    Pure, unfiltered, authentic, and being released in such a way to keep its integrity.
    Project is not affiliated and or connected to, working for any organization,
    putting forth propaganda and or slant perspectives of the events on 9/11.
    It is the most complete chronicle in real time of the wtc attacks.

  19. GreatMuseums says:

    That’s terrific – …
    That’s terrific – we’re glad that you were able to see it. Great Museums has also produced programs about the Met’s Chinese collection and about the acquisition strategy of the previous director, Philippe de Montebello, both of which you may enjoy on YouTube.

  20. daltonagre says:

    I’m from Brazil …
    I’m from Brazil and I saw this amazing museum.

  21. marcdurbin says:

    enjoyed it all, …
    enjoyed it all, much better than expected… thank you!!

  22. GreatMuseums says:

    That’s great! Yes, …
    That’s great! Yes, starting at 46:20, you can see the Met’s Oceanic art, including much of that collected by Nelson and Michael Rockefeller. We hope you enjoy.

  23. TikiFoamy38 says:

    I will put this on …
    I will put this on my “Watch Later” list. Does this video show their Oceanic art?

  24. GreatMuseums says:

    Great Museums is …
    Great Museums is very appreciative of the advertisers who make watching GREAT MUSEUMS free on YouTube possible — and we think some of their ads are pretty creative! However, periodically, as a thank you to our many YouTube subscribers and friends, we will make one of our programs commercial-free. In September, it will be A World of Art: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. We hope you enjoy it!

  25. jnlaf says:

    great video thank …
    great video thank you