Apr 02

Amazing Tasty Cotton Candy Art – People Are Amazing

chinese art WOW amazing what this Chinese guy can make out of some spun sugar. Who dares to eat it afterwards …

Duration : 0:2:33



  1. Jennifer Nguyen says:

    NICE !
    NICE !

  2. nick00580 says:

    i first thought he …
    i first thought he was making an ufo.

  3. Reanna Huerta says:


  4. TheJps1997 says:


  5. Jennifer Sawyer says:

    hey this -> …
    hey this -> youtube.com/watch?v=7vLxm8Xuzsw is freaky too !!

  6. Vinh Tran says:

    that aint no trick, …
    that aint no trick, dats skill

  7. lawlerzwtf says:

    Said no loser …
    Said no loser gamer ever.

  8. Jennifer Sawyer says:

    lol @Tyler no hacks …
    lol @Tyler no hacks he’s just very good at what he does ,)

  9. Tyler Martin says:

    ….Hacks… …
    ….Hacks…Definitely hacks…

  10. embraceky says:

    I wouldn’t be able …
    I wouldn’t be able to eat it ) too beautiful

  11. AddColorsToYourLife says:

    This man is a …
    This man is a wizard!

  12. Raidon Hyobashi says:

    Now for the vocab …
    Now for the vocab lesson.

    When the lady asks, “Hao Le Ma?” She is asking if it is ready, to which the man responds “Hao Le”, or “It is ready”. Mandarin Class for the win.

  13. Gerry Hanner says:

    oh this is very …
    oh this is very nice ! i wanna have one too .. this guy is great !

  14. miraculix lustig says:


  15. mvredbird101 says:

    THAT IS EPIC!!!!!!! …
    THAT IS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!

  16. LOLfilms100 says:

    Where Where Where?
    Where Where Where?

  17. AllegoryLauren says:

    I feel like he was …
    I feel like he was probably a spider in a past life….

  18. rastanussmann says:

    oh this is sone …
    oh this is sone nasty tasty stuff ;)

  19. KallasScheisshaus says:

    This is amzing! …
    This is amzing! Really crazy!

  20. DATWEIRDGUY1 says:

    In australia we …
    In australia we call it fairy floss

  21. Andreas Dreger says:

    wooow, cool!!
    wooow, cool!!

  22. lavenderpetals14rms says:

    very artistic and …
    very artistic and unique and all their own I’ve never seen anthing like it where I live

  23. daddycooloo says:

    carzy dudes in …
    carzy dudes in china , i like !

  24. consequences1977 says:

    nice one
    nice one

  25. DerBauerJosef says:

    die Inder!!
    die Inder!!