Mar 02

China medical tourism–food carving art–Guangzhou

chinese art Many of our patients travel to Guangzhou from all over the world for medical treatment and tourism. China medical tourism can help with becoming a patient, travel arrangements and language assistance. If you want to know more about our services, please browse the web:htttp://
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  1. busyducklings says:

    been to guangzhuh …
    been to guangzhuh few years ago. i went to a hospital for my eye(problem caused by bad air there). it is considered a big hospital. but i was very shocked to witness the doctor still uses pen/paper instead of a computer and there were using unsanitized outdated equipments. so i refused a treatment. still poor and uncivilized.medical tourism in china??makes me laugh

  2. longnaliu1234 says:

    So awsome!
    So awsome!

  3. JuliannaWu1999 says:

    so amazing ! :)
    so amazing ! :)

  4. Mon Biard says:

    good music and …
    good music and amazing carving.

  5. kimberly4064 says:

    before getting any …
    before getting any less expensive medical and or dentistry abroad please click on my channel and watch any of my 3 video’s. They are al on my botched medical tourism nightmare in costa rica and the lack of legal rights when you are butchered abroad.

    Thank you,

  6. mbongho90 says:


  7. Erika Winter says:

    O my gosh this is …
    O my gosh this is soo cool I want one of these but I bet they are way too expansive for me.