Jul 10

China: West Meets East at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

chinese art The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is home to the finest collection of Chinese masterpieces of any museum outside of China. Produced for Public Television by Great Museums TV.

Duration : 0:56:43

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  1. GreatMuseums says:

    I was unable to …
    I was unable to make the event but will definitely keep it on my must-see-one-day list. Thank you for your comment and for watching!

  2. ThatsSoNessiesShow says:

    please forgive my …
    please forgive my typing error on Chinatown;and original. I would also like to invite you to our wonderful Chinatown, small but very worthy and our large and beautiful “ Jardin Botanique. Bring a lunch because you shall need it to observe the great talents of our artists and do not forget the camera, open all year long , so you may want to see it in the spring(may-June) but not want to miss Autumn

  3. ThatsSoNessiesShow says:

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for showing this wonderful exhibition. It brought me back to my teen-age year when we went to Chinatwon in Montreal to view the many wonderful orinal chinese movies. I have enjoyed the history and have discovered so many great talents in China’actresses and actors through their music and costume and the talent of showing how love his deep but very challenging like in “The Road Home”,etc. I would like to invite you to the Musee de Beau Arts Montreal in Feb. For “L’Empereur Guerrier”

  4. cdh0628 says:

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    Thanks for posting this video. I learned a lot of information I saved it and as soon as I can I am ordering the video.