Jan 31

Chinese Art – Covent Garden, London

chinese art This chinese guy wrote my girlfriend’s name (Ma), a heart and my name (Ale) using tiny sponges. Each letter has a different shape. Quite interesting technique…

Covent Garden, London, 24th March 2007.

Note to self: put backgroung music.

Duration : 0:3:48

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  1. Notorone says:

    @alexandrefdiniz …
    @alexandrefdiniz Aah! I’m sorry, I can tell that I suck at reading all those name arts! How cute btw :3

  2. alexandrefdiniz says:

    @Notorone Ma [ ...
    @Notorone Ma [heart] Ale. Ma is my wife’s nickname (Marcia) and Ale is mine (Alexandre).

  3. Notorone says:

    Ma <3 Age ?
    Ma <3 Age ?


    does anybody know …
    does anybody know where can i buy this leather brush please??

  5. jadeleafgal says:

    I have one ,too …
    I have one ,too from Summer Palace

  6. jAcki3LuVeR says:

    i have one..i just …
    i have one..i just wanted to know..what these artwork things are called..

  7. Merdenoms says:

    i have one of these …
    i have one of these with my name pretty cool

  8. alexandrefdiniz says:

    i am not sure this …
    i am not sure this technique has a name. the “ink instrument” is a simple sponge.

  9. cheng1LA says:

    What’s the name of …
    What’s the name of the technic and the ink instrument?