Aug 17

Culture Shock – is Chinese contemporary art any good?

The Chinese Art market is booming. The last five years have seen it grow more than any other in the world, according to a new report from the European Fine Art Foundation. Most of this is driven by sales of fine art and antiques. But contemporary art from China is also attracting interest – from art lovers and investors.

Contemporary art has often been judged by shock value. Frequently provoking outrage among many sectors of society. So in a country where the cultural sector is closely monitored by the government, how good can this style of art be? Some say even better than in the west…

Duration : 0:7:29



  1. Dominic Swire says:

    It’s the Chinese …
    It’s the Chinese guy I interviewed, there’s a caption with his name, no?

  2. Katarina Rankovic says:

    How do you spell …
    How do you spell the name of the artist who made the apple work?