Oct 29

Demystify Chinese painting

chinese art http://yanghaiying.com/HaiyingShop
You can enjoy painting, enjoy art regardless of your condition
The magic is in your hand, not in the material

Duration : 0:4:53

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  1. PandoraKyss says:

    Oh, love, I could …
    Oh, love, I could watch you for days.

  2. dremordrick says:

    So beautiful, I’m …
    So beautiful, I’m gonna have to try this tomorrow!

  3. MrFolette says:

    Beautiful work, so …
    Beautiful work, so loose and fast!

  4. TheAwesomeOne1ooo says:

    You’re very …
    You’re very inspirational!!

  5. arttadmirer says:

    yanghaiying thanks …
    yanghaiying thanks for the amazing tutorials.I have watched many vids by other users on youtube on chinese painting but ur tutorials are so simple to learn from..especially for a complete beginner.I wish all teachers are as open as you in teaching and sharing with others their artistic talents.God bless

  6. artisheopuri says:

    i am from india and …
    i am from india and inspired from your paintings. i tried bamboo. its difficult specially the leaves..ill keep trying….. thanks for inspiring !!!!

  7. artisheopuri says:

    i am from india and …
    i am from india and inspired from your paintings. i tried bamboo its difficult specially the leaves thanks for inspiring

  8. winstonlim8 says:

    Thank you. I am …
    Thank you. I am going to watch this and your other videos over and over again to observe how you handle the brush and then try doing a few paintings myself. I am a potter and I would love to be able to paint flowers like these on my porcelain pots.

  9. simpledeejay says:

    LEARN English…
    LEARN English…

  10. shuffle5080 says:

    @yanghaiying …
    @yanghaiying Really thank you! And great portuguese too!

  11. yanghaiying says:

    @shuffle5080 My …
    @shuffle5080 My shop works now. I will send you the link. Obrigada.

  12. shuffle5080 says:

    Thank you from …
    Thank you from Brazil! Great work! Please tell me when your site/shop is working again!

  13. magicman01 says:

    yanghaiying…love …
    yanghaiying…love your teaching style. will be visiting your website soon.

  14. parvathyvd says:

    wanna see more

    wanna see more

    visit parvathyvd.blogspot.com

  15. taubangkok says:

    @yanghaiying It’s a …
    @yanghaiying It’s a plastic stamp that I had made by the office supplies store in Bangkok hahaha. I have asked a friend to have a real one made in Hong Kong. Big hug, Teacher. (I had to subscribe again as I accidentally unsubscribed. Sorry).

  16. yanghaiying says:

    @taubangkok I saw …
    @taubangkok I saw your painting. They are so good! Your name is beautiful, (the big red stamp)

  17. taubangkok says:

    This is how I …
    This is how I started and painted for many months before you were so kind to send me the brush, my dear Teacher. I have practiced a lot and I got so much better now. Greetings from Pantau in Bangkok.

  18. RaggedyBird says:

    Your work is lovely …
    Your work is lovely. I hope the world smiles for you over there. Keep warm and keep painting Haiying.
    Sorry for not writing. I have bene busy. Amazing things have happened here. I will write when I am not covered in dust from a new Studio. :) Thankyou. And Hugs and kisses…
    Neil. xx

  19. PaintingTutorial says:

    @IHeArTrOcK20 Yes. …
    @IHeArTrOcK20 Yes. I know. My website was parked by someone else. I so not know why they did that? I do not know if they are legal.Thank you for letting me know.

  20. IHeArTrOcK20 says:

    i tried ur online …
    i tried ur online shop but it was a whole bunch of search content :/

  21. SweetLittleAngelGirl says:

    Beautiful artwork. …
    Beautiful artwork. I don’t paint, mainly because my mom never buys anything like that for me so I stick to manga drawings

  22. IvlrRight says:

    i dont paint, but i …
    i dont paint, but i love your videos anyway.

  23. yanghaiying says:

    @AbsolteZero …
    @AbsolteZero Practice for some time, you will get there.

  24. AbsolteZero says:

    wow i cant do any …
    wow i cant do any of this =…( i tried and failed, do u practice alot or are u just born with it

  25. phr4nk3rd00d13 says:

    yeah a dragon demo! …
    yeah a dragon demo! =]]]]