Jul 31

FINGERLESS ARTIST: Chinese girl learns to stitch with wrists

chinese art Peng Jiangya learns to cross-stitch intricate artworks, despite losing all her fingers in an accident. Report by Sam Datta-Paulin. Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/itn and follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/itn

Duration : 0:1:16

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  1. erydiam says:

    The willpower of …
    The willpower of not give up….Amazing

  2. DjTsakalos says:


  3. kwlofardosable says:

    this is how one …
    this is how one wins life !

  4. JimAquarious says:


  5. HolaBlackDavy says:

    Fuck Logic its …
    Logic its China

  6. xR1D1xful says:


  7. Emiel3673 says:

    How coul’d you …
    How coul’d you possibly dislike?

  8. ChristosXcore says:

    I want to buy some …
    I want to buy some of her work i am amazed!

  9. TheHeku4 says:

    I cant do this …
    I cant do this eaven with my fings…..AMAZINGGG

  10. endorbrook says:

    amazing Peng, …
    amazing Peng, amazing skill and Patience,
    take care, with very best wishes

  11. Vleesball says:

    His spelling was …
    His spelling was good, what the are you talking about? Troll..

  12. amaqula says:

    God Bless her! …
    God Bless her! Great courage and grace!

  13. tubeyouSachy says:


  14. mistarajae says:

    Yo, dope son…
    Yo, dope son…

  15. DrOrphious79 says:


  16. locouk says:

    cone here and say …
    cone here and say that

  17. videokiller911 says:

    you need a spell …
    you need a spell check u faggot.

  18. DampPanties4U says:

    aww what does she …
    aww what does she do when her panties are damp? No fingers. Dam

  19. locouk says:

    I’m afraid cross …
    I’m afraid cross stitch doesn’t cone with spell check.

  20. locouk says:

    Beautiful young …
    Beautiful young girl, if she had an Xbox she’d have wasted all that talent.. Just like most of us sitting in our armchairs, with a PC on our laps.

  21. halo2pc says:

    All my love …
    All my love belongs to the handicapped.

  22. MrRolliepolie says:

    cool beautiful
    cool beautiful

  23. MrWebApple says:

    Wow, I feel sorry …
    Wow, I feel sorry for her but she seems to be getting on fine and her work is amazing :)

  24. pw80mel says:

    I can’t help but …
    I can’t help but notice how she spelled beautiful

  25. DjMik101 says: