Jul 25

has the chinese art of wei qi furthered you on your path spiritually?

If so, how exactly? (baduk, go, weiqi, igo)
to clarify, this is a board game, not a martial art.

yes weiqi, also know as go games, really interesting game.

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  1. Steve says:

    Qi, ki, chakra,or chi based martial arts are based on devil possession. The instructor opens the student spiritually to allow the devil spirits passage into the student, the student is taught how to project the devil spirits power from the body to possess diffrent chakra points in the opponents body to attain control or cause an over powered Assualt on the opponent.
    References :
    Ignore this, I got it mixed up.

  2. Chun C says:

    Not the board game.

    @ Steve – that is a wild assumption. Would you like to cite your sources to verify your information?
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  3. SG米 BROKER says:

    Wei Qi trained your mind to think strategically, and as many steps ahead of your opponent.

    Spiritiually, if you can play the game with another opponent and switch sides every alternate move and end the game with a draw, you would have achieved the middle path of balance. If you can play the game against yourself, and achieve a draw, you also have achieved the middle path of balance.

    Many will try, but few will succeed in trying to play a draw game in wei qi.
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  4. Erik says:

    yes weiqi, also know as go games, really interesting game.
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