Jan 17

How to choose the right type of martial arts?

I`m a 14 year old girl, 145 lbs, and 5 foot 7 inch.

Does anyone know of a good website where they explain all the different types of martial arts? I`m more interested in the Chinese martial arts, but Japanese and Korean will suffice.

I`m interested in learning how to use weapons, and also hand-to-hand
But im not really sure on the types of martial arts there is…

Use wikipedia to search the list of martial arts. It depens on what your strenghts are. Try out the styles and see what best fits you or check it out on youtube..



  1. Kyle S says:

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  2. Chicken King And Retarded Frog says:

    Depends. Do you want one good on the street? Traditional Martial Arts aren’t very affective on the street. Here is a few good websites.

    This is the best one. There is a test to see which Martial Art is for you, and a list of Martial Arts categorized into place of origin.


    Here a few other ones…
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  3. Dr.feel me says:

    CHINESE martial arts are hard to find ,especially the ones like WING CHUN ,the soft ones don’t really work in real life,but if you could learn wing chun,it was invented by a woman for a woman, smaller size doesn’t matter,bruce lee proved that! wing chun is like ju jit so standing up is the best way to describe it! the other style i would recommend would have to be ju jit so,it is a way to put your would be attacker in traps,and if you add elbows and knee strikes to that mix well i feel sorry for your opponent! remember you need atleast a yr to get good enough to use what you learn ,one lesson it ain’t gonna happen! your fitness level will play a part in your success in martial arts so get into shape whether you join or not! fighting requires being able to last in a 10 mins or so fight depending on your opponent or opponents,so you better start enjoying PAINNNNNNN! good luck!
    by the way forget trying to learn by watching a video ,you might hurt yourself,and you need a spotter someone who knows what you are doing WRONG and can correct you as you train! so please take no short cuts you are just wasting your time! ok?
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  4. Aaron J says:

    King Chicken and Dr. Feel haven’t the slightest idea of what they are talking about. They should just go surf the internet somewhere else instead of spewing bile and spreading ignorance here.

    Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Okinawan, and Western martial arts will work just fine when you need them to, if you have a good instructor and train properly.

    The above cultural styles of martial arts are not in the least bit hard to find. However, what is hard to find, is a good instructor. That is singly the most difficult thing to find when looking for a school to go to.

    What I would recommend you do, is to get your phone book and look up all of the schools listed. Then Google martial arts in your area, this way you can cover all of the systems that are publicly taught. Look on sites like Yelp and read as many reviews about the individual schools as you can. Also, watch videos if they have any posted on the web. Lastly, visit the many different schools and watch the senior level classes. (You have to watch the senior level classes so you can see the skills of the students. This will show you how well the teacher can in fact teach; and if they actually know anything.)

    I know that it sounds like a lot of work, but it should be fun work as this is something you want to do for a long period of time, if not your entire life. Since it is something this important, you want to make sure that you are not getting taken advantage of by the schools.

    Be wary of places that offer contracts, guarantee a black belt, or praise their trophies. By wary, I mean, do not attend a school that guarantees you a black belt or shows off their trophies (they are a waste of your time and money).The ones with contracts, you should get some help with involving the details, because a legitimate school may have contracts, and you don’t want to pass that up because they are protecting themselves from getting screwed by slacker students.

    Good Luck. Come back if you have more questions.
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  5. David N says:

    First, find out what is taught in your area!
    It’s fairly pointless to choose something that you can’t learn because no schools are available…

    Second, see:
    List of Marial Arts

    Next, you need to determine what you want to use it for,
    How long you are willing to study it (months/years/decades.)
    Some very general decisions:
    Empty hand or weapon?
    If empty hand — Striking or grappling?
    For sport or for self defense?
    Internal martial art or external martial art?

    That should be enough questions to get you started

    Personally, I prefer stick techniques (the walking stick is the only martial art weapon that a person can openly carry on the street.)
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  6. Mako says:

    If you want to be specific and Japanese, I would suggest taking aikido or karate. Both use weapons to some extent, but they’re mainly close combat. Aikido is good for throwing people with little strength required. Hapkido is also an awesome martial art. It’s korean, and it has both the throws of aikido/judo and the kicks of tae kwon do. It’s a great martial art, although I am not sure on the weapons part. Hope this helps, and best of luck in finding a martial art!
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    I’ve researched these martial arts and scene them in action.

  7. Rob B says:

    The only website that may help you is a phone book.

    Realistically, you’re only going to take a class near where you live or work. So start out by checking out those schools near you.

    The second thing you need to know is that the quality of the instructor matters far more than the type of art. So you need to actually go to the schools and check out the schools.

    Many instructors actually know more than the what the name on the door might tell you. If you just look up something on the internet instead of talking to the instructors, you may miss out.
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    10+ years MA, black belt, instructor

  8. Blahcula says:

    Check out the schools in your area and see which ones you like. There really isn’t a better way to do it.

    Although I would recommend a Hwarang Do/Tae soo do school if you have one in the area. If for nothing else but their strict quality control, no one can teach it unless its approved by the grandmaster of hwarang do. They also cover a plethora of topics and aspects of martial arts.
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  9. Ricky says:

    Use wikipedia to search the list of martial arts. It depens on what your strenghts are. Try out the styles and see what best fits you or check it out on youtube..
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