Apr 18

Invisible Chinese Artist

chinese art Invisible Chinese Artist

It’s like Where’s Waldo, only real.

Duration : 0:2:3

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  1. ambushhhhh says:

    more credit belongs …
    more credit belongs to the person painting

  2. jesse22266 says:

    3 days to get …
    3 days to get painted.. fuck that

  3. ieabunane says:

    A lot of artists …
    A lot of artists only think of the idea and employ assistants to do the actual “work”. It’s the same in a lot of discipline… Dance, architecture, etc.

  4. freedomness0 says:

    Oh haha thanks. …
    Oh haha thanks. Greetings from Singapore.

  5. Bladevampirek says:

    Eye…. Still…. …
    Eye…. Still…. See…. You!…. lolol – but from a distance he’s some-what invisible..

  6. osbely says:

    Artist or prankster …
    Artist or prankster? Hahaha

  7. markpharchezzi says:

    Oh it’s just a joke …
    Oh it’s just a joke, mostly from Middle and I suppose Junior High school. If you recall “Where’s Wally”, or I suppose “Where’s Waldo” books in the library wherever he lay some eager child, blaggard, or I suppose troll, would circle him! Ruining the who whole purpose of the book.

  8. what77777 says:

    Just like how …
    Just like how engineers get the credit whereas the drafters get none. The designers and creators are the ones that get the credit not the manual labourers and direction takers..

  9. x4YBAKx says:

    He has the idea … …
    He has the idea … an architect draw a house but the worker build the house … the architect gets famous with famous buildings not the workers

  10. freedomness0 says:

    Why? From a …
    Why? From a different part of the world so I don’t get the meaning behind your statement.

  11. OnlyJesusistheKing says:

    God has a reason …
    God has a reason for allowing things to happen. We may never understand His wisdom but we simply have to trust His will. God bless you all the way.

  12. luffyrasheed says:

    lol ali you really …
    lol ali you really don`t know it?

    well there you go :) watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0
    you are welcome ;)

  13. RockstarHQ1 says:

    yea I can stand …
    yea I can stand still next to a wall so I guess I`m a great artist

  14. snake3hm says:

    can anyone tell me …
    can anyone tell me what is this soundtrack?
    or anything similar to it ?

  15. hoff36 says:

    uh i think you are …
    uh i think you are not getting it :D painting accurately and “pretty” today is not a big deal. having the idea to express something in a new way is quite more important. It is not just the guy disappearing in the image, it’s all of us merging into the consumer’s society and i think that is what he is trying to express. “try to read between the lines” lol

  16. mzrealm says:

    The ideas come from …
    The ideas come from him and that’s what’s most important, so yes he’s the artist.

  17. 1catpoop1 says:

    ok so if i tell a …
    ok so if i tell a painter to paint a specific, i’m instantly the artist

  18. grin0184 says:

    hes a f***** ninja …
    hes a f***** ninja!!! invisible!!!

  19. Huakumi2 says:

    There is only one …
    There is only one explanation: Asian.

  20. pajaro64646464 says:

    lame and gay
    lame and gay

  21. TheBadShaman says:

    Well, look at it …
    Well, look at it this way.

    Steven Spielberg is well known as an amazing director, but its because other people act for him and actually take his direction.

    An artist is nothing without his paintbrush, and a director is nothing without his actors.

  22. bbbbbb222222 says:

    What a piece of …
    What a piece of artsy fartsy bullshit. I wouldn’t pay a nickel for one of his retarded photographs. And, as everyone says, the real talented person here is the paintor.

    Kill that asian, set him on fire!

  23. 1catpoop1 says:

    i would rather …
    i would rather learn from the painter, rather than the “concept guy”
    i dont see my drawing and painting skills improving from the guy going “OH MAKE THIS”

  24. MurdocLC says:

    So awesome.
    So awesome.

  25. phantaz666 says:

    lol i was like i …
    lol i was like i dont even see him there….success