Dec 30

Oriental Art

chinese art Fluid art, oriental theme, wonderful music, sit and relax

Duration : 0:3:40

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  1. 5171967cafk says:

    ……I have studied for over 25 years, and now do in-depth readings.. Reasonable Rates…Contact Me If Interested. Thanks.

  2. brg1208 says:

    我喜歡這首歌很多是最輕鬆的歌聲,我媽媽 …

  3. JuvieJuve says:

    thank you magenward …
    thank you magenward, very relaxing and beautiful

  4. xknightmage says:

    My thoughts exactly …
    My thoughts exactly. Alas they are amazing paintings and portraits.

  5. cocoflow12 says:

    the first picture …
    the first picture of tsunami is japanese one.

  6. Morgana0x says:

    Nice video, but I …
    Nice video, but I wish you had allowed us ot see each painting for a longer period of time before changing to a different one.

  7. Jahan917 says:

    I always did like …
    I always did like old art, reminds me of the painting I had … too bad I lost it

  8. Salimandeline says:

    La musica del …
    La musica del inicio no queda para nada, pero lo demás esta bien

  9. papan1990 says:

    awesome music….
    awesome music….

  10. 1TheUnknownArtist1 says:

    Dodgy intro, and a …
    Dodgy intro, and a fade between pictures would be more appropriate. Although nice images and music!

  11. Magenward says:

    album is Flower …
    album is Flower Goddess , song is peach blossom

  12. 6taube says:


  13. smartyboy7 says:

    nice transitions
    nice transitions

  14. KLTrack says:

    I love this song, …
    I love this song, thx for share the video, it’s so sweet ^_^

  15. infamousmfox says:

    whats the songs …
    whats the songs name?PLZ tell :D

  16. macrina9 says:

    very beautiful…. …
    very beautiful….thanks!

  17. ProjEpic says:

    this sound theme …
    this sound theme is very nice