Feb 04

Penn & Teller – Chinese Quick Change Artist

chinese art moatasemalaahttp://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/moatasemalaaMusicPenn, Teller, Magic, Mystery, Tour, Chinese, Quickchange, Quick, Change, Artist, Mask, Fast, TrickPenn & Teller – Chinese Quick Change Artist

Duration : 0:1:23

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  1. PassTheMarmalade1957 says:

    The best part is …
    The best part is that his hands don’t seem to go anywhere near his face…How the is he doing it??? (Not that I actually want to know, but how the HELL?!)

  2. mmjtsb says:


  3. xsnakeingrassx says:

    how the fuk
    how the fuk

  4. skywize says:

    Towards the end of …
    Towards the end of the act, he takes off the last mask, and just his face is there. Jerk that I am, I immediately thought ‘ok, now try and take that one off!’. Three seconds later, there is a new mask, and I felt like a real horses ass. ROFL!

  5. linkuei83 says:

    what is this …
    what is this sorcery?

  6. LanTheG says:

    Watch film king of …
    Watch film king of masks and slow it down. You can see that the mask is on elastic ore something like that and it jumps from his face (huh finaly).

  7. LanTheG says:

    Sry i think he have …
    Sry i think he have elastic masks. Masks snaped behind crown. He make fast moves so i cant see what is right.

  8. LanTheG says:

    I think i know how. …
    I think i know how. He has a crown, and behind the crawn he has masks. He make move and his mask fal down at the end he turn him self and poot all masks on head. I dont like people who tel secrets but nobody cant do that trick so good (and I am mby dont right) but I sometimes see how trick is done and I coment couse I like thinking and i sometimes figuret it out. Sry for my bad English. :)

  9. thedragonguru says:

    My mouth. It is …
    My mouth. It is open so far as to touch the floor, and I can’t bring it back up.

  10. gabiserh says:

    0: 44 - see the …
    0: 44 - see the thread

  11. ValforWing says:



  12. TheQuest2010 says:


  13. RWKercheval says:

    Ancient Chinese …
    Ancient Chinese secret? He obviously uses Calgon.

  14. HaoWenXiang says:

    We find beauty in …
    We find beauty in things because we are willing to be enchanted by the illusion. This is how we turn reels of still frames into a movies, dark rooms filled with robots into E-ticket rides, and a cacophony of noise into music.

    Penn and Teller probably know how it’s done, but they just don’t want to spoil it. Besides, who care’s how it’s done? It’s more fun not to bother and enjoy the show.

  15. tgiokdi says:

    @RyanNew1Two didn’t …
    @RyanNew1Two didn’t watch it all the way to the end did you?

  16. godarkVIDEOS says:


  17. cwelte says:

    You should see ” …
    You should see “King of Masks” 1997
    fantastic movie


  18. MitraXyde says:

    @ …
    @MonochromeMentality I agree. Around 0:19 you can see strings under his chin.

  19. caspapin says:


  20. spids1234 says:

    the masks are in …
    the masks are in his hat

  21. tomkcheng says:

    Look, I wasn’t …
    Look, I wasn’t supposed to tell you this, but all Chinamen have about 6-8 faces. Like that smiling face that asks when you want one from column A and one from column B? That face hates your guts.

  22. IIkingdomII says:

    i’m pretty sure an …
    i’m pretty sure an LCD mask will change faster than this guy switching with his hands

  23. 0TylerDurden0 says:

    @disfiguration I …
    @disfiguration I didnt write it to get or expect an 88 thumbs up. Nor did I write it to empress you or anybody.

  24. disfiguration says:

    @0TylerDurden0 one …
    @0TylerDurden0 one of the worst jokes ive ever read on youtube. really?