Jan 01

Picture Candy (糖画) – China Eats series

chinese art Hand-made candies in the form of animal pictures in Qingdao, Shandong, China. Summer 2009.
Sound track: “Fried Lil Chicken” by Triplexity. Available for CC licensing at: jamendo.com/en/album/28378

Duration : 0:0:57



  1. lv200phoniex says:

    paintings aren’t …
    paintings aren’t edible either o-o…..

  2. SpringRoll42 says:

    Um uh.. Not being …
    Um uh.. Not being rude or anything, but you can’t really tell sarcasm over the internet.

  3. Milica Radulovic says:

    I love this!!!! :)
    I love this!!!! :)

  4. yayita143 says:

    wow eso es un arte …
    wow eso es un arte de la gastronomia no se me hizo extraño que fuera “MADE IN CHINA” como dijo alguien yo respeto mucho esto y estoy facinada con eso[:

  5. caizprua46 says:

    it have special …
    it have special taste or it just taste like brown sugar?

  6. CHNdemocracy says:

    better to be called …
    better to be called “sugar painting” , because picture is not edible.

  7. Icaria Kim says:

    Ive eaten one
    Ive eaten one

  8. SWS172011 says:

    thats epic!
    thats epic!

  9. CJAE4 says:

    Holy cow nice :)
    Holy cow nice :)

  10. laliforever25 says:

    hay que tener …
    hay que tener paciencia para eso y sobre todo basante practica

  11. laliforever25 says:


  12. laliforever25 says:

    haha ;)
    haha ;)

  13. ShanghaiNoodlez says:

    *face palm* 
    *face palm* 

  14. LOTUSGURL7 says:

    Lol but can u eat …
    Lol but can u eat it?

  15. TheAngelina174 says:

    no, of course not! …
    no, of course not! it just says “Candy” in the title because the user was high.

  16. Marisa Ploy says:

    its eadable right?
    its eadable right?

  17. Pandanator26 says:

    amazing accuracy!
    amazing accuracy!

  18. yuyuchan says:

    oh, childhood lol
    oh, childhood lol

  19. 0096566283800 says:


  20. Sarah Pouls says:


  21. Lloyd Fan says:

    cool, but it’s …
    cool, but it’s easier than it looks

  22. Cinnoney says:

    This brings up …
    This brings up good memories!!

  23. KorenShepard says:

    Kanamara finds your …
    Kanamara finds your lack of faith disturbing.

  24. inserthorriblename says:

    it’s almost kind of …
    it’s almost kind of like eating syrup :s

  25. Alina Popa says:

    ce tare!!!!!!!!!!! …
    ce tare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!