Sep 03

Saving Chinese Art From Extinction | Meet Yang Yongliang

chinese art How do you update an ancient art tradition? With Photoshop, of course.

New media artist Yang Yongliang was classically trained in Chinese Painting and calligraphy from a very young age but uses digital tools to capture that time-tested aesthetic. View the amazing results in the video above.

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Duration : 0:6:11

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  1. SuperOak1980 says:

    Hey there! I liked …
    Hey there! I liked your vid =) Just a thought: You should try entering something in “youtubeworldtalentcontest” (google it). The first 1,000 performances to register using this promotional code — ‘SEC001′ will receive 10 free votes which equates to a free $5.00 payout to you. Could help ya. Take care, -Matt

  2. ZazzlesTheGubernator says:

    Very wise man. He …
    Very wise man. He is one of the only ones holding traditional Chinese art together. Good luck to him and all the best!

  3. lautretoi says:


  4. nycbakesale1 says:

    guy has a dope …
    guy has a dope apartment!!

  5. soul0drinker says:

    Ive gotta applaud …
    Ive gotta applaud on the translation done here. This quality rarely seen even among networks

  6. scootfd3s says:

    So… going to …
    So… going to start selling posters and stickers? then run around naked?

  7. trixxxiefixie says:


  8. darkobst117 says:

    Art is important to …
    Art is important to every country or anybody if the’er no Art from the pass then what will inspire us to pick up the pencil or Paint brush. As a drawer myself i don’t mind Helping keep Old Art from becoming lost

  9. MrMavrik306 says:

    this guy could …
    this guy could make a sweet video game

  10. ldhfakefake says:

    man that stuff …
    man that stuff looks cool…

  11. Jsnowboard says:

    when they say …
    when they say chinese art, they dont mean art by the chinese… they are talking about the traditional form and style from ancient china

  12. FollowRevolutionNine says:

    Does he shoot with …
    Does he shoot with a Hasselblad?! O.o

  13. PutnU2sleep says:

    China is the most …
    China is the most populated nation on earth. They can make more art if they lose some….Who cares…

  14. RubberRhubarb says:

    UMG EVERYONE CARES!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. themadkid96 says:

    vice got me here
    vice got me here

  16. bentc123 says:

    hey i was first
    hey i was first

  17. bentc123 says:

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    first first first first i said im first