May 29

The Chinese Arts Spoken in English, for English Speaking Students. “It makes sense!”

chinese art The Chinese Art Channel explained in Plain English, for English Speaking People.
Someone recently complained to me that most Chinese Art Channels on YouTube are all in full spoken Chinese. “What use is this to me. It’s useless. I speak English like everyone else in the West.”
This is a dilemma and a short-sightedness of those irresponsibly handling what is supposed to be an international arena of shared leisure and spiritual pass-time but moreover, a way of life. on the other hand, you can at least watch the method, though I admit, many Chinese Art videos spent long periods of time explaining things about the brush, its handling and so on, for long long periods of time, all in full blasting Chinese.
I am as clueless as anyone else when it comes to such education but at least the Chinese can benefit from this. I hope anyway. There are many languages in China. The on commonality is the Written language.
Chinese Bamboo Painting Education for English Speaking Students.
A little lesson in Bamboo Representation in China. I ama lways intrigued with the degree of variance one can find even in spontaneous painting Chinesewise with bamboo.
It is singularly one of the most painted plants of China.
Here is lesson TWO about the Symbology and attitude towards Chinese Bamboo.

Duration : 0:11:13

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  1. ChineseCalligraphy says:

    “Wonderful and very …
    “Wonderful and very interesting video! And may i say once more that I love your voice!” :)
    Well, this at least is a good thing. It’s the only one I have. xx I’m glad it was enjoyed. Such simple things like this Europe knows nothing of. So I hope it’s a nice insight.

  2. BlackLily888 says:

    Wonderful and very …
    Wonderful and very interesting video! And may i say once more that I love your voice!