Jun 25

This Is The Best Art Performance – From China ( Thousand-hand ~ Guan Yin ~ 千手观音 )

chinese art Guanyin or Kwanyin, the Goddess of Mercy.

~ China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe, “Thousand-hand Guan Yin” Guan Yin is a Chinese goddess.Feeling music through speakers and guided by hand gestures, a troupe of deaf dancers in Beijing take steps to champion the rights of disabled people across the world ~

” Being deaf and mute, these disabled female performers endure pain and suffering in vigorous training, simply to deliver a message of love to mankind. ”

Guanyin or Kwanyin (aka), the Goddess of Mercy also known by Westerners as the Chinese Goddess of love and compassion has long occupied a unique place not only in Buddhism, but also in Chinese culture. The Chinese word “Guanyin is an abbreviation of “Guan shi yin” which denotes” seeing the voice of the world if rendered literally. Such a deity can be called as the deity who looks in every direction or the “Regarder of the cries of suffering beings”.

According to legend, Guanyin, the youngest daughter of a king, defied her father when he sought a husband for her. The angry king sent her away to a monastery with instructions that she should be compelled to obey. This only strengthened her resolve. So the king set fire to the monastery and ordered her execution when she was caught sitting erect reciting sutras. As she was about to be beheaded, the sword broke into two and a tiger from nowhere carried her away to a forest.

One day from afar she saw the king was sick and not responding to treatment, so she severed her arms and eyes to sacrifice them for him. The grieved king besought heaven and earth to make his daughter whole again. Soon, Guanyin had arms and eyes by the thousand, and bowing before her father, she urged him to practise good deeds to which the king readily agreed.

Actually legends have Guanyin in various forms. But the story of the Goddess in this one-thousand-hand form has had an immense appeal. Thus the thousand-hand deity is no longer an exclusive religious symbol but has become a popular cultural icon to religious followers and common folks alike.

The legendary Thousand-hand Guanyin as interpreted by the special artists plucked the heartstrings of the audience. In their rendition of the legendary goddess, they not only demonstrated their superb dancing skills in perfect unison with elegant and forceful movements, but attained a ye higher level to turn it into a live myth full of artistic appeal and stirring power on the stage.

Though we only saw one leading dancer on the stage, we saw in our mind’s eye a whole collective where 21 troupe members fused together as one human being with one shared heart. What we saw on the stage was the one Thousand-hand Guanyin, serene, holy and beautiful, that existed in each of the dancers’ hearts. While enjoying the colourful performance, we experienced a profound sense of tranquility and composure, a process of cleansing and purification of our souls.

We spetators can hardly imagine how much time and effort these artists must have invested in bringing about such a unique work of art. And only a collective with all its crew members bound together in unity, harmony and friendliness could make it.

The image of the Thousand-hand Guanyin is symbolic of maternal love and infinite compassion.

And the enlightenment we gain from the performance itself is that people with disabilities are also creators of both material and spiritual wealth. Such a spirit of perseverance in pursuing and creating a better life in the face of adversity should be followed by all of us.

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  1. artistinstinct says:

    POWERFUL! less is …
    POWERFUL! less is more and more is POWERFUL!

  2. Poncho151500 says:

    This made me laugh. …
    This made me laugh. To be honest though, it was an awesome performance.

  3. MrLeodil says:


  4. TheDarklord0211 says:

    Your mind is weak …
    Your mind is weak and foolish.

  5. vvllucky says:

    was watching the …
    was watching the 2008 China Olympic opening because i missed it a lot…it was the facckking shiet, but then i ran onto this vid. Holy facck!! i am mesmerized. god damn, this simply amazingly beautiful!! dont fack with China!

  6. Coffeekinns says:

    I doubt Rihanna …
    I doubt Rihanna actually used people from this group. Either way Rihanna”s music video was very cheesy and hard to watch.

  7. CristinaDominici says:

    Este vídeo é uma …
    Este vídeo é uma lição de vida, não precisamos nem entender o idioma deles para entender a mensagem. Muito bom!

  8. Adani Kagome Kai says:

    Beautiful!! I …
    Beautiful!! I think nothing less from Great China!!

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  10. NinjaFireDargon says:

    Yea RNG did~
    Yea RNG did~

  11. SameDiffernt says:

    Is this the same …
    Is this the same group who did the hands for Rihanna in Princess of China?

  12. AnimeGhettoGirl says:

    this was the most …
    this was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. And to seem some of them smile while they perform.. trully amazing :)

  13. GothicSkulz says:

    anyone know the …
    anyone know the name of this show? or where i can watch the full thing/all acts?

  14. TheLynlyn808 says:

    cool! wow! i love …
    cool! wow! i love this video!

  15. vo thuong says:

    It was sooooo great …
    It was sooooo great….wow…feel just like in the heaven…thanks.

  16. MaglevSH says:


  17. bottosrob says:

    wtf……………. …
    wtf……………. thats pretty cool..

  18. 0865221456 says:



  19. iamtheilluminate2707 says:

    fantastic, a …
    fantastic, a perfect masterpiece of art,illusion & inspiration.and of coarse hard work.god bless all the disabled.there doing more with there lives than most abled people,god bless their coaches,thier teachers,the buddah. keep growing & bless you all.

  20. ginessly says:


  21. mimicry87 says:

    Every single one is …
    Every single one is so beautiful it’s dazzling.

  22. davecallnor says:

    They are disable …
    They are disable people who are either deaf or dumb (can’t talk), which makes me respect them even more for the extra effort they put in the performance

  23. wiccanmama1 says:

    Amazingly …
    Amazingly Beautiful & Very Inspiring!

  24. ivo2021us1 says: