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Who Started the Art of Making Paper Flowers?

It can be argued that it was the Egyptians and not the Chinese, who invented paper flowers because the word “Paper” comes from an ancient Egyptian word “papyrus”, which is an aquatic grassy plant found at the banks of the River Nile in Egypt. This plant has flowers that grows in clusters at the tip of each stem; which are triangle in shape and stand upright, and has long leaves. History has it the Egyptians have been using “papyrus” way back as 5,000 years for a variety of uses including as a writing material which later helped invent the name “paper”.

It is also believed that the art of making paper flowers originated in China and goes way back as 2,000 years ago soon after paper was invented. The Chinese started making paper flowers, which would float in containers of water, to be used for religious offerings, but as time evolved they were also used as a creative channel for meditation and came to be recognized as one of four arts the high-born Chinese man strived to master. The Chinese floral creation tries to depict good over evil, light over darkness, forces of the world and presents its contrast in forms, colors and textures. Their plant materials and containers also represent fixed messages though their choice of colors and composition and by the maturity and color of the flower leaves and stems. In today’s modern society there are still some traditional Chinese styles that have evolved over the centuries which continue to influence designers all over the world.

The Chinese not only use paper to make flowers, they have taken it a step further and are known to produce such items as paper fans, paper lanterns and other decorative pieces. In paper cutting which the Chinese pride themselves at, there is a tradition of using such themes from history, religious beliefs, nature, the famous Chinese dragons and among other things the popular Chinese Legends. Some pieces represent the commemoration of special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and their complex designs and delicate lines symbolizes a gift of patience and talent for the lucky person who it is designed fo,r to treasure for life.

In the Victorian days women started making paper flower when the real flowers were out of season. They made these flowers by unraveling a real flower and drawing pictures of them on paper, which they used as a template. The stems were made with wire covered with green tissue paper, because in those days floral tape was probably not yet invented. They used these flowers to decorate various rooms in their homes. It was also a favorite pastime for these women who in those days were limited in their social activities.

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  1. Nancy Wanett says:

    Where to start planning own weddding?
    IM planning my own wedding and hand making the decor I have a 2000 budget dress is not included all ready started making paper flowers. Hears some more info..
    Date Feb 9 2013
    Colors rose pink/white
    Theme butterflies
    I just dint know where to start I feel like there is sooooo much to do please help any suggestions helpful. Even tips for making stuff

  2. colostomy_punch says:

    Go to a bookstore. I can’t think of the exact title but there is a fantastic wedding planning book that has a huge checklist of everything you will need and things you will certainly forget otherwise. It outlines down to the smallest detail so you won’t forget a thing. It’s worth the money, trust me!
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  3. Raghavendran says:

    Discusses it with your faience.
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  4. SMLYON says:

    Someone got me Weddings for Dummies when I started planning mine and I was surprised how helpful it was.
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  5. Shea says:


    I think your colors are so pretty!

    You are right, there is a lot to do and the time flies. So you are smart to get an early start.

    The first thing you want to do set a budget and you need to budget everything. To start, you need your guest list. Your guest list determines the number of invites, postage, dinner cost, bar and bartender costs and gifts for the guests. This is the largest cost. You will need a hold the reception hall as early as you can get this information together. If your wedding is at a church, you will also need to reserve that date with them as soon as you can.

    You also need to include in the budget your dress and the cake, flowers and rehearsal dinner. I know there is a lot that I am forgetting but getting a wedding check list will help you tremendously. Obtaining a wedding magazine will help you out a lot also. I got all of these things where I bought my dress. They usually have them on the counter or just ask for them.

    As much as you can, have your mother help you. She will give you some of the best advice…and some of the most biased..lol She will also help you to keep on track. This way, you don’t have to get mad at other people too..lol Get her help selecting your dress and the dresses for your wedding line. This is a mothers dream. I also had hosts and hostesses.

    Select your wedding line and make sure your maid of honor has a checklist, especially the one where it suggests that she host the wedding shower and bachelorette party..lol You mentioned making some items, get your wedding line to help you by having sleep overs.

    But most of all, have fun.

    Best wishes!
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