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Beginner’s Guide to Chinese Calligraphy – Choosing Model Books (Part B) Tang Kai 唐楷 HD

chinese calligraphy Free Chinese Calligraphy High Definition Videos for Absolute Beginners – Choosing Model Books (part B) Ouyang Xun’s ( 歐陽詢, 欧阳询 ) styles and other calligraphers in the Tang Dynasty


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歐陽詢 Ouyang Xun
虞世南 Yu Shinan
褚遂良 Chu Suiliang http://www.art-virtue.com/styles/kai/ChuSuiLiang-NeeKuanZan.jpg
柳公權 Liu Gongquan (Liu Gong Chuan)

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Duration : 0:3:32

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  1. artvirtue says:

    They say there are …
    They say there are three kinds (or stages) of copying Chinese calligraphy models. One of them is “memorized copying.” When we can memorize the character’s spirit, structures, and positions of strokes
    better, we may try other styles. If for some reasons if we cannot grasp a new style’s spirit and structure, we may move back to the previous style(s) and try to find out our strenghts and weaknesses… That why Chinese say copying a calligraphy model is a good training.

  2. artvirtue says:

    The main …
    The main differences of those calligraphers are their strokes (brush stroke
    methods) and disposition of strokes (structures or compositions) of each
    character. Also, their spirits are different. 虞世南 has a mild characteristic
    while 歐陽詢 styles are more meticulous, strict, or solemn.

  3. Iampwnage152 says:

    When do I feel …
    When do I feel that I can move onto a different style?

  4. artvirtue says:

    There is no fixed …
    There is no fixed rule. It depends on the practitioner’s understanding, practice schedule, talents, insights, and etc.

  5. Iampwnage152 says:

    Also, how long do …
    Also, how long do I have to practice at least before moving to a different style (same script) of another calligrapher?

  6. Iampwnage152 says:

    do you know what …
    do you know what is the difference in the handwritings of 歐陽詢 and 虞世南?

  7. artvirtue says:


  8. sf108com says:

    Well organized …
    Well organized presentation.

  9. artvirtue says:

    Thank you. :)
    Thank you. :)

  10. tonyfoxmusic says:

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for sharing this video. Also I find the links very helpful because I do like to learn the history of Chinese Calligraphy… Big thanks to all of you….