Jul 28

Chinese calligraphy

chinese calligraphy I recorded this video in Beijing. It shows some street calligraphy with Chinese letters – for me pure arts!

Duration : 0:0:48

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  1. j0928228918 says:

    對真正有心學習書法的人,願特別推薦【毛 …
    對真正有心學習書法的人,願特別推薦【毛筆基本法】公益學習官網­, 對書法與毛筆的運用,可有無限收獲!
    請 google 搜尋【毛筆基本法】參考。

  2. peace4aIl says:


  3. sh4p3shifter says:

    fucked up language
    up language

  4. almirpereirajesus says:

    parabéns pela …
    parabéns pela habilidade, estou encantado com o novo idioma que estou aprendendo. este vídeo é nota dez.
    Very happy by hability, I’m grace with the new language that I’m learning. THis video is ten.

  5. nobeznazwyno says:

    ah man what a brush …
    ah man what a brush control!!! he holds it at the very end 0-o

  6. QiaoKeKit says:

    Splendid! This …
    Splendid! This guy’s a pro.

  7. coolsteven2 says:

    i say the same …
    i say the same thing all the time xD

  8. Disfik says:

    It looks so …
    It looks so beautiful. I hate English.

  9. Berrymore84 says:

    yes it looks easy …
    yes it looks easy but the most skillful part is balancing and stroke pressure. not everyone can master this and it takes years of practicing. calligraphy art (of any culture) is not similar with graffiti. let alone holding the brush is the biggest obstacle you must overcome during the early stage of learning.

  10. zskar says:

    looks easy
    looks easy

  11. Fab4RPGJ says:

    O_O wow
    O_O wow

  12. UglyBBCEvilCNN says:

    In fact, it is not …
    In fact, it is not so difficult to master both simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese…

  13. UglyBBCEvilCNN says:

    Maybe it’s a good …
    Maybe it’s a good translation…

  14. roygbiv330 says:

    do all calligraphy …
    do all calligraphy artists learn both simplified characters and traditional ones? if so, they learn over 5,000.

  15. one80sx says:

    why would it rhyme …
    why would it rhyme in English when its a Chinese poem

  16. huijingwu says:

    Wow both the …
    Wow both the calligraphy and the poem is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  17. huijingwu says:

    can you translate …
    can you translate for us what is being written?