Jan 24

Chinese calligraphy & painting master 溥心畬 Pu Hsin-Yu 2/5

chinese calligraphy http://www.art-virtue.com/painting/history/ching/PuRu/bio-PuRu.htm


Chinese Calligraphy painting master 溥心畬 Pu Hsin-Yu (1896-1963) Part 2/5

Duration : 0:2:41

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  1. cristobelle56 says:

    @artvirtue it’s …
    @artvirtue it’s good to be bi or multi-lingual for obvious reasons; I have to be satisfied to read only english texts ! Master Pu is absolutely of the old school and Mrs Chiang would rather get another tutor to avoid going thru ancient customs … Thanks you.

  2. artvirtue says:

    @cristobelle56 …
    @cristobelle56 Thank you. There were several accounts why Pu Ru refused to teach the President’s wife – political or personal. He was demanding Ms. Chiang to have a ceremony and kneel down and bow before him and come to his house to learn just like the ancient way…

  3. cristobelle56 says:

    @artvirtue the …
    @artvirtue the article on Pu Ru from your webpage is interesting and although the better part of it was in Chinese, I still enjoyed reading it. From his refusal to teach President Chiang’s wife I can understand his character more – this could be due to his lineage !  The inscription you did for a book cover (The Spirit of Tea) and title page was awesome. Best,

  4. artvirtue says:

    @cristobelle56 …
    @cristobelle56 Since the publications of Pu Ru are limited, I have read those books published in Taiwan. I hope to find something new about him and his historical background. What I have included in that Webpage are brief summaries from his books and Internet.

  5. cristobelle56 says:

    @artvirtue very …
    @artvirtue very interesting stories on Master Pu Ru… it’s easy enough for us to just gather facts and stories from you without going through any effort in reading and researching ! Best,

  6. artvirtue says:

    @cristobelle56 …
    @cristobelle56 masters of last century, Pu Ru was perhaps the most conservative and traditional one. Today many people in China have not heard his name. In contrast, I saw Zhang Daqian on TV very freqently when I was young in Taiwan, but did not read Pu Ru’s name till I was seventeen.

  7. artvirtue says:

    @cristobelle56 many …
    @cristobelle56 many people went to him in order to make money as a painter. However, they did not quite understand the values of calligraphy applications for painting and that painting is another form of poetry and literature, plus Pu Ru was not a very patient instructor… He often got mad after repeating certain instructions for a few times! Overall, there are many interesting stories about his teachings, students, and etc. that are worthy of artistic studies. Among all of the painting

  8. artvirtue says:

    @cristobelle56 I …
    @cristobelle56 I like most of Master Pu Ru’s articles, artistic assertions, and works. In traditional or ancient China, people learned martial arts first by training with standing postures to increase leg strengths, and then started learning forms and applications. Likewise, for brush painting, it was required to practice calligraphy for long enough before learning to do brush painting. Now the traditions seem to be “reversed” in opposite sequences. Because Pu Ru became a painter for a living,

  9. cristobelle56 says:

    @artvirtue Do you …
    @artvirtue Do you agree with his principles/assertions ? You must have your own interpretations/ideas of how a painter should be ? I can imagine how his students felt (those who attended classes just for painting). Thanks a lot for so much information regarding these famous painters (and other chinese culture).

  10. artvirtue says:

    @cristobelle56 …
    @cristobelle56 famous painter, it’s shame of me!” because he asserted that there are many elements of Chinese brush painting that cannot be taught or learned – they must be “cultivated” through moral, personality, mind, classics, poetry and calligraphy. Even today there are not so many people who agree with his perspectives.

  11. artvirtue says:

    @cristobelle56 and …
    @cristobelle56 and he pointed out that many people have reversed these orders. One of his in-room female students who wanted to learn painting from him was trained with calligraphy and poetry for two years and then she was allowed to paint. It’s widely known in Taiwan that Pu Ru deeply resented to be called a painter since he proclaimed that his achievements in painting ranked below his classics, poetry, and calligraphy. He further told his painting students that “if any one of you become a

  12. artvirtue says:

    @cristobelle56 Yes. …
    @cristobelle56 Yes. But Pu Ru was not a very popular teacher since he emphasized poetry, classics, and calligraphy over painting and many students who wanted to learn painting from him were getting bored and eventually left. His assertions were if you have strong foundations in poetry, classics, and Chinese calligraphy, then you will spontaneously and automatically (or eventually) master Chinese brush painting without instructions of painting techniques,

  13. cristobelle56 says:

    @artvirtue It must …
    @artvirtue It must have been an honor for those who have met Mr Pu in person or studied with him. Best

  14. artvirtue says:

    @cristobelle56 I …
    @cristobelle56 I was trying to obtain many resources about Pu Ru, but today more resources are available for other painters. I have met some people in Dallas who were in his classes or had seen him in person.
    Partially because Pu Ru’s grandfather had offended Dowager Express, she chose Pu Yi to be the emperor. There are stories about Pu Ru in some Chinese books that talk about his family and political background.

  15. cristobelle56 says:

    @artvirtue the …
    @artvirtue the paintings must be rare… thanks again for making this slide show available for our appreciation. I’m surprised to learn that this artist is related to Pu Yi, the last emperor of China. Best,

  16. artvirtue says:


  17. belladulzura says:

    very nice 5*

    very nice 5*
    thanks for sharing

  18. artvirtue says:


  19. bbornets says:

    Gorgeous, Thank you …
    Gorgeous, Thank you.
    Red Dragonfly

  20. artvirtue says:

    Do you own any …
    Do you own any seals owned by Zhang Daqian or Pu Hsinyu?

  21. red8hk says:

    Very nice …
    Very nice arts.Thanks !

  22. artvirtue says:

    I like Pu’s trees …
    I like Pu’s trees especially. Thanks.

  23. sprucelake7 says:

    Thank you for all …
    Thank you for all your effort to bring together this superb collection of paintings by Pu Hsin-Yu for us to enjoy so effortlessly. I love the richness of the brushwork in the branches of the trees.

  24. artvirtue says:

    It took me almost …
    It took me almost one year to search pics on Internet and bookstores.

  25. ChPaintingsNetwork says:

    The masterpieces of …
    The masterpieces of Pu Ru are now hardly to get or even to view. You got nice collections!