Jun 04

Dictionary of Chinese calligraphy styles 書法字典 (Part 2)

chinese calligraphy Chinese dictionary of calligraphy characters in different styles compiled in one volume.

Part 1 – covers the general introduction with the index charts of Section Headers.
Part 2 – comparisons of original model books (steles) with dictionary.
Part 3 – comparisons of original model books (ink copies) with dictionary
Part 4 – cross referencing with other dictionaries in different styles and from different publishers
Part 5 – application in creating your styles

You may Google 書法字典 to look for free or electronic copies, or CD-ROM versions.

Related link: http://picasaweb.google.com/kakalela/PIcUi#5162266935170042994

Duration : 0:6:50

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    Thanks for comment.
    Thanks for comment.

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    my godddd

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    You may …

    You may search “bookstore” within this channel. I have provided the contacts of the bookstore owners from whom I have been purchasing books. They should have it.

  4. coitstar says:

    How can I get this …
    How can I get this book?

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    This is one of the …
    This is one of the great dictionaries of Chinese calligraphy. Now 9610dotcom is building an online version.

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    From asiade com ( …
    From asiade com (not listed in their website)

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    where did you get that chinese dictionary…. cause I would love to get one….

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    Thank you.

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    thanks for the insught. thank you for the amazing videos.

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    Thank you for comments before I added the annotations.

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    They are magic books of line and balance.