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Grass Style Chinese Calligraphy 草書書法 & Free Download

chinese calligraphy Free Chinese calligraphy Caoshu models for download
http://www.9610.com/wangxizhi/ (rubbings of the Calligrapher-Sage Wang Xizhi)
http://www.9610.com/Index1.htm (more samples by Chinese calligraphers)
http://www.art-virtue.com/styles/hsin/index.htm#3 (free dictionary of mixed Caoshu and Hsinshu)

Running Style (i.e., grass style, Caoshu, or Tsao Shu) is not for beginners’ Chinese Calligraphy lessons or those who have not learned Mandarin Chinese since the complexities and confusions of Running Scripts are also very difficult for experienced and native Chinese calligraphers. The information in this video is only basics. http://www.art-virtue.com/styles/tsao/index.htm
Not only Caoshu scripts look differently from other Chinese calligraphy styles, but also a Caoshu script can be written differently between calligraphers or between periods of a calligrapher’s life.

Cursive & Semi-Cursive Chinese Calligraphy Playlist


To convert simplified Chinese characters to traditional Chinese characters (not 100% conversion for simplified characters such as 与, 种, 气, and etc.) to decipher the meanings of ancient Chinese calligraphy models.


To avoid mistakes and confusions, we cannot try to recognize Grass Scripts or study Chinese brush calligraphy based on simplified Chinese characters though some simplified Chinese characters were derived from certain Grass Scripts, or are equivalent, such as 与.

Due to the complexities and difficulties of 文言文 (classical Chinese) , I am not able to translate these calligraphy models to English or 白話文 (vernacular Chinese). For translations to 白話文, please obtain a copy from http://www.books.com.tw/exep/prod/china/chinafile.php?item=CN10076717

Brush, ink stick, and Duan ink stone used

To buy Chinese calligraphy books or models of Caoshu, search 草书, 书法, 草書, 書法, 王羲之 and 十七帖 from




Both bookstores have customer services in English

Filename: CursiveStyle-ChineseCalligraphy-WangXizhi17Tie-20110425-FreeDownload.wmv

Duration : 0:5:15

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  1. artvirtue says:

    Thank you. Mine …
    Thank you. Mine too.

  2. aabceacba says:

    Absolutely …
    Absolutely beautiful! 草书 is my favorite form of Chinese calligraphy.

  3. artvirtue says:

    It took me years to …
    It took me years to stop my shaking hand as well. The main principle is that we hold the brushes firmly and concentrate our mind. Firmly is different from deadlocked or tightly in many senses. Please refer to the Webpages I am sending you.

  4. godsson2516 says:

    I have a problem …
    I have a problem with controlling my wrist movement because my hand shakes a lot. Any suggestions?

  5. artvirtue says:

    Thank you. You may …
    Thank you. You may use the other video “Free Chinese Calligraphy Dictionary from www9610 免費線上書法字典” to get a design of your own.

  6. sukhpreetASvirk says:

    beautifull..i fell …
    beautifull..i fell in love
    sir  i wana get at tattoo<english line in this beautiful script..can u help? plzz

  7. hibdg9 says:

    Do you know what is …
    Do you know what is Syndrome of Diogenes? Well, I need to stop doing that because I’m filling my house with these products. Please don’t visit freesamplesource(.)com is my source of free material. You are advised!

  8. artvirtue says:

    Thank you. Have a …
    Thank you. Have a nice day.

  9. jackitbcoit says:

    Very abstract …
    Very abstract beauty.

  10. artvirtue says:

    No problem. 草書 is …
    No problem. 草書 is translated as Tsao Shu, Cao Shu (Caoshu), Grass Script, or Cursive Script.

  11. artvirtue says:

    Me too. Cao Shu …
    Me too. Cao Shu usually demands the highest technique while expressing the maximum freedom (in conformity with many rules.)

  12. HaxUnPeu says:

    I am in love with …
    I am in love with that writing style~

    Thank you so much for writing. :)

  13. cristobelle56 says:

    Sorry did not …
    Sorry did not realize grass is also cursive style although I did think it was at first. Rgds

  14. artvirtue says:

    Thanks. Generally, …
    Thanks. Generally, the knowledge and techniques of Cursive (Grass) Style are the most difficult among Chinese calligraphy styles. Even now I am still worry about those.

  15. artvirtue says:

    @WiseMonkey888 …
    @WiseMonkey888 Thank you.

  16. cristobelle56 says:

    Thank you sharing …
    Thank you sharing this lesson Lao Shi. For the ‘uninitiated’ I have never seen grass-style calligrahpy.  Rgds