Jul 25

Kanji Chinese Calligraphy by my Mother-in-law(2/2)

chinese calligraphy http://stores.ebay.com/blueheronartscom for original calligraph or go to http://www.BlueHeronArts.com for rice paper, brush and sumi ink.

Duration : 0:9:35

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  1. AletheaMcKee says:

    Your mother-in-law …
    Your mother-in-law emits a divine presence.  Hypnotic.

  2. yanghaiying says:

    Please send her my …
    Please send her my admiration and respect.

  3. ShoudoAi says:

    So she is a …
    So she is a professor too! Great :)

  4. dipchips says:

    Wonderful to write …
    Wonderful to write on this age. Respect !

  5. missjava4ever says:

    mashallah..very …
    mashallah..very nice..long life grandma