Dec 09

Multi-Purpose Chinese Calligraphy Brushes (Part 1)

chinese calligraphy

These brushes made by Mr. Li Gang in China meet the criterion of good brushes – pointy, even, round, and resilient ( 尖齊圓健 ). These are the brushes I personally use for YouTube videos, teaching, and public events since 2007.

Mr. Robert Bo sold them at U.S. $1 each as of 2007-2008. The new imports (available in Janauary 2011) will be slightly higher in prices with more choices of products made by Li Gang.

The brush maker Mr. Li Gang ( 李剛 or 李刚 ) is a relative of the famous brush maker Zou Jielong ( 鄒節龍 or 邹节龙 ) whose reputation is highly esteemed in China. Their brushes share some similarities. (In China, many people have the same names as 李刚. So please don’t confused.)

I provide the info and writing videos as educational resources to acquire supplies and tools for Chinese calligraphy and painting.

Inquiry or direct order: Robert Bo (972) 758-7238 in Dallas, Texas and mention Li Gang’s brushes.

Due to Robert’s teapot business

calling is the most convenient and fastest way to reach him. Robert will not know how to answer very specific technical questions regarding brushes.
For technical questions about Chinese Calligraphy brushes and other Four Treasures:

There are over 1,000 items not listed on Robert’s forbiddencity2008 e-Bay store. The best way to look for unlisted items, arrange international shipping, or purchase wholesale quantities is to call Robert between 12 – 8 PM, daily, Texas time.

Shopping for Four Treasures:

Joshua Hough’s Disclaimer:
1. I do not guarantee the quality of each individual brush (brushes are all hand made “individually” – no productions by machines), nor the price changes and availability. Many Chinese schools in the U.S. have ordered large quantities of these inexpensive and quality brushes, so I am not responding to any availability issues.
2. I do not sell any of those brushes from my inventory.
3. I do not take commissions in any form.

I provide the information in this video solely for practitioners of Chinese calligraphy and painting to compare the selection and shopping of the supplies and tools.

Duration : 0:6:1

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  1. artvirtue says:

    @artvirtue Say I …
    @artvirtue Say I buy 100 Li Gang’s brushes of the same size, there might be one or two no so good out of 100 which is acceptable by me. And those 100 brushes, even labled as large, have some deviations in lengths and widths, features and functions. If you pay enough attention to your five fingers and wrist, I guess you will understand each brush better, no matter it’s treated as good or bad by others.

  2. artvirtue says:

    @Shakamuni Thank …
    @Shakamuni Thank you for your suggestions. Brushes are very technical and detailed stuffs. As stated in my Website art-virtue – Principles – Selecting Brushes, things like control and proficieny of your brushes might change if you know or have experimented for a while. By examing the four virtues when a brush is dry (not soaked or wet, or in writing), I might have taken some risk before buying it. Even though I have bought hundreds of Li Gang’s brushes, each is somewhat different.

  3. Shakamuni says:

    Hi! I am learning a …
    Hi! I am learning a lot with your videos and your website. But I have a question concerning the examination of a new brush for looking its four virtues: can you do it before removing the glue or only after? Hairs must be dry or wet? I have a lot of brushes that wet (with water) look OK for point and evenness, but on writting give poor results… may be a video of brushes without the four virtues could help us a lot! Thank you!!!

  4. artvirtue says:

    @bbrozsek The …
    @bbrozsek The background Chinese music used in my videos can be obtained from Chinese bookstores, Amazon, and Google search “Chinese music download.” For live performances, you may search on YouTube as well.

  5. bbrozsek says:

    hi thank you very …
    hi thank you very much for the great information. could you please tell us about the music playing in the background ? thank you !

  6. artvirtue says:

    @dinasaur2 Thank …
    @dinasaur2 Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  7. artvirtue says:

    @dinasaur2 Thank …
    @dinasaur2 Thank you for your kind words. Robert does have giant brushes that he does not list on e-Bay.

  8. artvirtue says:

    @dinasaur2 Great. …
    @dinasaur2 Great. You are welcome.

  9. dinasaur2 says:

    Hi Joshua
    Robert is …

    Hi Joshua
    Robert is sending me item’s to Australia! Thank’s.

  10. artvirtue says:

    @dinasaur2 Thank …
    @dinasaur2 Thank you. Have a nice day.

  11. dinasaur2 says:

    @dinasaur2 Your …
    @dinasaur2 Your calligraphy stroke is exquisite

  12. dinasaur2 says:

    I see and …
    I see and understand how to soak a brand new brush from this video. I was using blue tac, a glass of water and attaching the brush to the side of the jar with the blu tac and soaking off the glue but I was soaking the bamboo too, not a good practice I had. Lol.

  13. dinasaur2 says:

    In Sydney we are …
    In Sydney we are limited in shop’s with regards to buying a decent Chinese painting brush. I have purchased a few of the mixed brush sets from China on ebay and yet to test them out. I do look forward to buying some really large hair brushes for two tone wash effect that some of the Chinese painting master’s have achieved,. I want to experiment with just loading a brush to get that effect. Seeing video’s like your assist’s me very much, thank you .

  14. dinasaur2 says:

    Thanks again for …
    Thanks again for the information, I am looking into it right. Great video about brushes too.

  15. artvirtue says:

    不客氣 = You are …
    不客氣 = You are welcome = 不客气

  16. LaMasChevere22 says:

    great video!!

    great video!!
    very helpful!

  17. artvirtue says:

    Li Gang’s brushes …
    Li Gang’s brushes started from $12 for 10 in a pack on e-Bay when Robert had many. As of Dec, 2008, there are only some left. So
    please don’t feel offended if he would sell Li Gang’s brushes slightly higher if you just buy one or a few… since I bought over 100 of them earlier and he did not need to rush to postal offices. There are always good combinations of brush sets from Robert at lowest prices.

  18. artvirtue says:

    Hi there,
    I …

    Hi there,
    I visited Robert Bo today and he has very limited number of those inexpensive brushes mentioned here. He still has many other supplies at below market prices which I will include in the next few videos. Please call (intead of email) him or visit his e-Bay store. Happy holidays!

  19. ieyoshi says:

    Aloha from Hawaii! …
    Aloha from Hawaii! Thanks for sharing your knowledge about brushes and chinese calligraphy. It’s really informative. I’ve sent a message to forbiddencity2008 inquiring about the stock and possibly purchasing other supplies. Mahalo! Happy holidays!

  20. ForbiddenCity2008 says:

    Thank you.
    Thank you.

  21. JorindaHsu says:

    Thank you for the …
    Thank you for the inexpensive and quality resources. I got those brushes from Mr. Bo and cannot wait to express my gratitude to both of you!

  22. artvirtue says:

    Japan also makes …
    Japan also makes high quality brushes at higher prices.

  23. Harikasu says:

    In Japan, brushes …
    In Japan, brushes are more expensive than other places. You are lucky!

  24. artvirtue says:

    Many teachers of …
    Many teachers of U.S. Chinese schools bring inexpensive brushes from China for their students and some are really excellent. Good brushes do not need to be expensive. Search for resources of reputable brush makers are always important.

  25. sf108com says:

    There are many …
    There are many brush makers in China that make such good quality brushes and still sell for only US $1 each.