Dec 30

Prof Chen Victoria’s Mother Writing Chinese Calligraphy Li Po’s Poem

chinese calligraphy Prof Chen, victoria’s Mother, writing Li Po’s Poem “Down to Kiang-ling” in grass style or running script.

Medium: Antique colored Xuan rice paper, bamboo brush with combination of stiff and soft hair, Japanese sumi Ink, inkstone and tung-oil inkstick, wool felt pad and metal paperweight.

All supplies can be found at

Duration : 0:3:46

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  1. dinasaur2 says:

    Amazing person. So …
    Amazing person. So much knowledge, beautiful calligraphy.

  2. dinasaur2 says:

    Amazing person. So …
    Amazing person. So much knowledge,

  3. kakashi1992e says:

    wow! great! 你写得很好!
    wow! great! 你写得很好!

  4. 777Kiana says:


    lmao …

    lmao, yeah.. But thats alright.. I’ll think of a pay-back… xD

  5. BushiBato says:

    @777Kiana Then …
    @777Kiana Then that means I am going to win the race ;) bakane,shazi! (just kidding ay)

  6. 777Kiana says:


    Lol, …

    Lol, no problem.. And I sheeee~ Lol.. Alrighty then! But I’m gonna slack off a bit [highschool now] .. = P

  7. BushiBato says:

    @777Kiana Not to …
    @777Kiana Not to butt in to your conversation but it would be a bit harder.I am a novice at both.I am fluent in a non-native language,so I can gauge to a degree.I’ll race ya! ;)

  8. 777Kiana says:

    Pretty… Very nice …
    Pretty… Very nice.

    I taught myself Japanese…. My next language I’d love to learn is Chinese… How hard do you think it’d be? = )

    ~ ♥ ~ ASIAN LANGUAGES ~ ♥ ~

  9. markshfr1 says:


  10. sf108com says:


  11. demonokron says:

    beautiful work
    beautiful work