Nov 09

Typing, writing Chinese while falling asleep asmr

Typing, writing Chinese while falling asleep asmr

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  1. yanghaiying says:

    Is there such a …
    Is there such a thing?

  2. yanghaiying says:

    I grew up in China.
    I grew up in China.

  3. Veronica Chen says:

    we have pingyin:)
    we have pingyin:)

  4. Ronald Ectoplasm says:

    I wonder how …
    I wonder how Chinese people text with a mobile phone

  5. WekBen says:

    This is incredibly …
    This is incredibly relaxing.

  6. ASMRGaffer says:

    Just leaving a …
    Just leaving a comment to say that I’ve been watching your videos for a few
    months now and I think they’re really great. You’re an incredibly
    interesting person! Did you grow up in China? Anyway, thank you for your
    videos! I watched you draw chi so many times I don’t think I will ever
    forget how to write the symbol myself haha :)

  7. cayesh1234 says:

    subbed, you’re so …
    subbed, you’re so natural. I prefer this over role plays, just talking.

  8. NiobeTheIron says:

    I like your accent! …
    I like your accent! It’s soothing and oriental.

  9. swaggerbabyprincess says:

    Lol she said “if …
    Lol she said “if your not asleep yet then you r someting else”lol

  10. sueg8r says:

    Love love love.
    Love love love.

  11. shinnok sam says:

    Her voice makes me …
    Her voice makes me fall asleep.

  12. CarlSagan6 says:

    Dear lord, this …
    Dear lord, this video made me melt. Sub-scribed

  13. laxfan727 says:

    God Chinese …
    God Chinese just looks so complex I mean look at those characters damn

  14. yanghaiying says:

    It does happen. …
    It does happen. Some think it a big deal wrong, some think it ok.
    Personally I do not make a big fuss on it. For my parents generation, they
    learn traditional when young, then in the later part of their life, they
    learned/used simplified. They use both.

  15. Mr. Red Bird says:

    Do people often …
    Do people often move in and out of traditional and simplified? Like for
    example one character would be traditional, and in the same sentence
    another would be simplified. Does that often happen, or is it like a bad
    mistake to do that?

  16. mdpdoldcop says:

    Your grace and …
    Your grace and intelligence are a delight.

  17. Soge King says:

    peng chao son so …
    peng chao son so dissapointing

  18. Christopher Wice says:

    Always in my …
    Always in my background asmr

  19. Curtis Newton says:

    youre so sweet
    youre so sweet

  20. Angel Voices says:

    You are a wonderful …
    You are a wonderful artist, and so natural at asmr. Do you also experience
    tingles, or did you just happen to find your way in the community when
    everyone noticed that your brushwork videos were so relaxing? Either way, I
    sincerely appreciate everything you do. Thanks and all the best!

  21. fuzzyhair321 says:

    translating becomes …
    translating becomes hilarious when moving words from non english to
    english. its amazing just how many letters and words are just unique

  22. SunnySplosion says:


  23. KyomiXcore says:

    Night of art
    Night of art

  24. uxtalzon says:

    Love that voice and …
    Love that voice and enunciation! :D

  25. Cat Brown says:

    You are so …
    You are so uplifting :)