Nov 29

Writing Chinese Calligraphy with Style : How to Write Chinese Calligraphy: Echo

chinese calligraphy Learn how to write Chinese characters in proper calligraphy style! This free video shows you how to write beautiful Chinese Calligraphy more easily.

Expert: Bo Feng
Bio: Bo Feng is an experienced Chinese/English translator and interpreter. He has worked for Chinese International Travel Services, Lingnan Art Publishing House and Phillips Petroleum.
Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

Duration : 0:2:18

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  1. dj1897 says:

    You sir, are a good …
    You sir, are a good looking character!

  2. yugandali says:

    for those of you …
    for those of you who do not read Chinese: we are not impressed.
    然,从火肰聲,肰,从肉从犬、會意;這個寫法不對。縱能接受,怎不舉比較妥的例子? This is hardly “expert” calligraphy, not to mention that he wrote the word wrong.

  3. samewish says:


  4. tp61i6c042002 says:



  5. JettyXYZ says:

    @ReemazSaznYaz Your …
    @ReemazSaznYaz Your question “Is this cantonese or mandarin?”.
    -He is speaking in Mandarin.
    -The characters are HanZi.

  6. JabneelSlashCruz says:

    @rohanr2 WTF!?
    @rohanr2 WTF!?

  7. rohanr2 says:

    如果你觉得他写不对,你就可以做一片电影 …

  8. MrLin945 says:

    抱歉有些淺見要說 第一點 老師顯然 …
    抱歉有些淺見要說 第一點 老師顯然沒有和九宮格找到關係 第二點 外國學生要是照著這個方法寫出來 一定無法結體完美 老師需要從西方素描的整體架構觀念 和 透視學觀念入手 先講中文字各種大佈局的配置差異 和 主要空間分割之美 至於小處的點勾撇捺等 以後再進階修飾 大的結構掌握不住 什麼鐵劃銀勾都沒用

  9. freewill1221 says:

    good video. if you …
    good video. if you write poetry check out unitedworldpoets,com

  10. yerzahibetancourt says:

    @iTouchin what???
    @iTouchin what???

  11. ReemazSaznYaz says:

    Is this cantonese …
    Is this cantonese or mandarin?

  12. iTouchin says:

    爱的是,我们都可以写中文使用谷歌翻译吗 …
    爱的是,我们都可以写中文使用谷歌翻译吗???去中国!如果你还可以阅读这并不能说明鬼佬或外人知道,否则,我们无法知道谁是中国,其白色或黑色.. 。。和平。

  13. DoItForGood says:

    Wrong, the correct …
    Wrong, the correct writting is 然

  14. iphantom08 says:


  15. MrMikeZhang says:

    I never seen …
    I never seen character written like this. Wrong

  16. joelleojjoelleoj says:

    I have a small …
    I have a small question about writing Chinese. I know in Taiwan, they are still printing books with the writing going top to bottom, right to left. Is it possible, however, to see something in the PRC with the same format (top to bottom, right to left) in simplified characters?

  17. jancarloc says:

    i think chinese is …
    i think chinese is not that difficult once that you begin with it. O_o

  18. cpssnorman says:

    然<<completely …
    然<<completely different, he should go to die

  19. jennli says:

    wtf do you know …
    wtf do you know about chinese?

  20. xzicyxz says:

    i think it was just …
    i think it was just an example

  21. RandomTop20 says:

    yeh, i thought it …
    yeh, i thought it looked weird….you are right

  22. plasterbearz says:

    The 然 written looks …
    The 然 written looks weird, it is wrong to write the left radical 匀. When checking for the word 然, it is not under the same radical heading(部首) of 匀, hence comfirm my claim that the 然 is written wrongly. Copy the 然 from my comment, paste in a word file and enlarge to take a closer look.

  23. TiredOldFart says:


  24. songzephyr says:


  25. breaking163rocker says:

    wow this is cool
    wow this is cool