Dec 06

Writing Chinese Calligraphy with Style : What is a Cursive Script in Chinese?

chinese calligraphy Learn how to write Chinese characters in proper calligraphy style! This free video shows you what a cursive script looks like in Chinese.

Expert: Bo Feng
Bio: Bo Feng is an experienced Chinese/English translator and interpreter. He has worked for Chinese International Travel Services, Lingnan Art Publishing House and Phillips Petroleum.
Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

Duration : 0:2:33

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  1. jac0411 says:

    interesting, great …
    interesting, great teacher

  2. 7AlexFord says:

    What’s with the …
    What’s with the belchy burp? lol

  3. ShanShui says:

    Spot on, buddy.
    Spot on, buddy.

  4. charlie73374669 says:

    cao shu means

    cao …
    cao shu means

    cao= gras
    shu= book but in this case writing

    so “grass writing”

    because it flows like grass i guess is why they named it that.

  5. highroller12208 says:

    why is he using …
    why is he using short form to teach calligraphy?

  6. LaMasChevere22 says:

    this guy is awesome …
    this guy is awesome!
    Whats his name?

  7. TheHomelessNinja says:

  8. HaoRhe says:

    this is very …
    this is very interesting