Feb 04

Your Name in Free Chinese Calligraphy (eg. Robert 羅伯特)

chinese calligraphy Step 1: http://www.chinese-tools.com/names Get a phonetic translation of your name

Step 2: http://www.9610.com/zidian/index.htm Free online Chinese Calligraphy dictionary
First, click on [搜索] button at least twice

Step 3: Copy and paste each Chinese character to the online dictionarys search box

Step 4: Match the calligraphy styles as similar as possible

Step 5: Learn the stroke sequences and pronunciations (if available)
In China, when people practice calligraphy with ink and brush for art’s sake, we use traditional characters instead of simplified ones. http://www.art-virtue.com/styles/kai/index.htm#3

More videos added in
Playlist – Free Utilities & Resources of Chinese Calligraphy, Painting & Mandarin http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=4E70413ED95ED222

Filename: YourNameinChineseCalligraphy(Robert).wmv

Duration : 0:6:9

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  1. artvirtue says:

    Thank you.
    Thank you.

  2. ebooksnet says:

    Very helpful!
    Very helpful!

  3. artvirtue says:

    You are welcome.
    You are welcome.

  4. michaeljobr says:

    very helpful thank …
    very helpful thank you!

  5. artvirtue says:

    Thank you.
    I will …

    Thank you.
    I will share more on 9610, njstar, g.iciba, youdao, and etc.
    Teresa is great. I have known many Americans here who also like her songs.

  6. Berrymore84 says:

    wow teresa Teng!!! …
    wow teresa Teng!!! her song “yi ge xiao xin yuan” is very nice. i’m also using the same website (chinese-tools) to write Chinese online so i don’t have to use njstar. the 9610 dictionary is very useful as in simulating. thanks for all the info

  7. artvirtue says:

    That’s true.

    That’s true.

    When mentioning Western names of people and places In Chinese articles or TV, we use phonetic translations.

    Thanks for watching.

  8. TheSnotrag2009 says:

    phonetic isnt a …
    phonetic isnt a real translation in meaning

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  10. chucaypaco says:

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    Thank you, really useful stuff!

  11. artvirtue says:

    Enjoy and share. …
    Enjoy and share. More useful stuffs coming. Thanks for the advice of screen capture.

  12. SokudoJutsu says:

    That’s awesome! …
    That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing!