Dec 02

3D origami mini winnie the pooh, piglet, tigger, eeyore

chinese crafts mini winnie the pooh characters, designed by me


winnie the pooh :

piglet :



Duration : 0:0:37

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  1. HermieTv says:

    the eeyore looks …
    the eeyore looks like stitch off of lilo and stitch

  2. jewellia7777 says:

    yeah i am
    yeah i am

  3. MrTheoriginalcoolguy says:

    u know, you have …
    u know, you have alot of views…you should be a youtube partner

  4. coolflamingdragon says:

    -.- Stop asking and …
    -.- Stop asking and look on the tutorials and they tell you the little piece you dumb craps. She’s probably tired fro say ‘ Search up in the search bar “3d origami for beginners” Stupid noobs

  5. Megan Peters says:

    Eeyore FAIL
    Eeyore FAIL

  6. Lindsay Dominguez says:


  7. cutipretzel says:

    you shud make a …
    you shud make a mini snoopy!!!! btw luv ur vids :D

  8. marperez1731 says:

    You’re very good at …
    You’re very good at making these impressive models. Superb job!

  9. jewellia7777 says:

    thanks^^ there are …
    thanks^^ there are links to tutorials in the info box below the vid, and look up 3d origami for beginners for how to make pieces/connect them :-)

  10. MiZzRiVeRa86 says:

    i LOVE these..would …
    i LOVE these..would love to learn how to make someday!!

  11. Sinfestgirl says:

    winnie the pooh, …
    winnie the pooh, pigglet and the donkey spot on, tigger how ever.. wouldnt have known if u hadnt told me lol :P but they look awsome ^_^

  12. jewellia7777 says:

    look up 3d origami …
    look up 3d origami for beginners

  13. Marc Sim says:

    how do u do the …
    how do u do the trangle thingy

  14. Sophie11Iris12 says:

    Oooow, the’re soooo …
    Oooow, the’re soooo cute!!!

  15. jewellia7777 says:

    3d origami winnie …
    3d origami winnie the pooh characters as said in the title- made from paper/origami pieces like all the other 3d origami stuff on my channel. look up 3d origami for beginners if u dunno what it is

  16. misslala981 says:

    wat r thoese …
    wat r thoese little things

  17. emmasmith173 says:

    aaaaaaaawwwww they …
    aaaaaaaawwwww they look so cute

  18. NancyLovesKevin says:

    ok so these don’t …
    ok so these don’t look exactly like the characters but they sure are the cutest things i’ve ever seen!!

  19. Brightwind says:

    i love eeyore! :)
    i love eeyore! :)

  20. jewellia7777 says:

    thanks^^ yeah I …
    thanks^^ yeah I wanted to make a tigger soon but I didnt have the orange pieces so its not filmed yet. (the ones I have filmed ready for editing are the hello kitty and hellokitty in totoro suit). tigger should be the next one to be filmed though

  21. lnguye30 says:

    Thanks Julia for …
    Thanks Julia for making new tutorials! I love them all! WOW! The winnie the pooh characters 3D origami tutorial collection is almost complete! You’re amazing! I hope Tigger will be the next the next tutorial! ^____^

  22. Andy Zhang says:

    make tigger …
    make tigger tutorial i want it :D

  23. 985steven says:

    U forgot to change …
    U forgot to change Winnie the pooh and eeyore to the links

  24. dinokakis says:

    you are nice …
    you are nice talented i cant belive your vids and at the end i belive

  25. jewellia7777 says:

    ur welcome, yeah …
    ur welcome, yeah winnie the pooh and eeyore are next since I’ve already got those filmed. yeah I’ve imagined having a class, though I dunno how to set one up and then I’d have to provide people paper so it’s just easier to teach on the net, plus anyone can learn it anytime^^