Jul 01

Chinese Take Out Box Charms

chinese crafts PRINT THE BOX HERE:


I made three Chinese take out boxes. One with lo mein noodles, another with fried rice, and the last with beef & broccoli.

You can turn each charm into a necklace, keychain, or earrings.

VLOG: http://www.youtube.com/lifewithtoni
BEAUTY: http://www.youtube.com/ToniWears

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Polymer clay is a sculptable material based on the polymer polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It usually contains no clay minerals, and is only called “clay” because its texture and working properties resemble those of mineral clay. It is sold in craft, hobby, and art stores, and is used by artists, hobbyists, and children for making many items, such as charms, artwork and other crafts.

Duration : 0:5:42

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  1. hinata7779 says:

    yayz th is …
    yayz th is inspired me to make a different version

  2. MrMcCupcake says:


  3. NYyemenprincess96 says:

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  4. craftycreations99 says:

    Looks good enough …
    Looks good enough to eat!

  5. EpicFailureee says:

    I baked it, and it …
    I baked it, and it was fine! I used a harder kind of like poster board

  6. MyPeachyCharms says:

    where do you get …
    where do you get fimo deco gel? because I’ve looked at micheals, hobby lobby, and jo-anns and they don’t have it

  7. pinkglamgrl says:

    I use this stuff …
    I use this stuff for monster high

  8. TheMeriel12 says:

    now I’m hungry
    now I’m hungry

  9. kjiarachan says:

    Yum so cute !
    Yum so cute !

  10. crazygirl5923 says:

    do u have an etsy?

    do u have an etsy?

  11. puffyball99 says:

    make tim hortons

    make tim hortons

  12. hblondie13 says:

    hey toni….please …
    hey toni….please confirm ypur oder with honeybunnycharms on this account for i have forgotten my login…thank you!

  13. AlexsMisfitToys says:

    For your macaron/ …
    For your macaron/popcorn box tutorials, I used glossy photo paper to print the boxes on. It worked really well. It’s strong and you don’t need to glaze it or anything =]

  14. TehCraftMachine says:

    EVERYONE WHO WORRIES ABOUT BAKING. use TLS or FIMO DEKO GEL instead of glue. glue will bubble up and burn in the oven. do not put glaze on it before baking either. that will burn too. Paper does not burn in the oven. neither does card stock.

  15. PetiteEdibles says:

    Yes. Paper doesn’t …
    Yes. Paper doesn’t burn up in the oven. Having glue in there is awkward and might cast a strange smell, but it’ll be fine.

  16. samanthainlove says:

    wow wow wow.
    wow wow wow.

  17. EmilyAsianCreations says:

    I am sooo happy …
    I am sooo happy that you actually made a tutorial on this!! My sister requested this and she’s gonna be so happy when she sees this. lol.

  18. Oreoloco123 says:

    Can you make a …
    Can you make a video on how you made your cupcake mold from?

  19. hinata7779 says:

    Is it ok to not …
    Is it ok to not put glaze on it before baking?

  20. meliselena says:

    I’m Chinese but I …
    I’m Chinese but I don’t like chinese food a lot. LOL!

  21. ThePolymerHolic says:

    Paper doesn’t burn …
    Paper doesn’t burn in the oven. It only burns in very very high temperatures

  22. 93Sarcasm says:

    i wish she did …
    i wish she did little animals too. I bet she’d be amazing at them!

  23. OblivionLoung says:

    If you put a …
    If you put a magnetic button on it it be becomes a magnet!! Just sayin

  24. TehCraftMachine says:

    toni please reply! …
    toni please reply! won’t the paper burn and the glue and glaze when you put it in the oven?

  25. natgleeheart18 says:

    U should make a …
    U should make a churro polymer clay