Oct 29

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility : Tiger and Snake

In the Tiger-Snake pairing the Tiger springs into action immediately but the Snake is more of a deliberating person who is more into developing strategies. This could be the main cause of problem between the two as the Snake might find the Tiger’s need for action to be unfriendly.

Tiger Personality
The Tiger just like the animal counterpart is fierce less and known for bravery. They are very competitive and can get very aggressive when challenged. They are also very charismatic so people generally find it hard to say no to them. Because of this reason watch out, when you are up against a Tiger personality.

Tigers are very restless. They are constantly looking for the next mountain cross and when they cannot cross the mountain they can get very depressed, isolated and miserable. Tigers have good leadership abilities and they may excel in managing and leading positions. They can be very proud and charismatic leaders, good strategists and always work with a hidden agenda.

Tigers are like magnets. Friends love to surround them because of the confidence they exude. Tigers are very passionate and romantic. They enjoy sex and life.

Because Tigers have a very restless nature it is very hard to tie them to a routine.

Snake Personality
The Snake is the most introspective and collected animal in the Chinese Zodiac. Snake people put a lot of importance in material wealth and are very strong-minded, charming and popular individuals. They make decisions very quickly and firmly. They have a tendency to plot and scheme and get a project going their way.

Snakes keep their emotions well hidden. They do not like very noisy places. The home of a Snake will generally be filled with peaceful music and muted colors.

Snakes are intelligent and hard-working people who are also very creative. They generally do well in arts and crafts field. Snakes however can get bored easily and tend to move from one project to another quite rapidly.

In love they can be very possessive and need a lot of security.


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