May 26

ClassPlan – Chinese new year craft project, 春

chinese crafts ClassPlan – Chinese new year craft project

Duration : 0:4:36

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  1. fldhckymom says:

    Very cool! I …
    Very cool! I certainly will try it. I like the way the card was used to make sharp creases and clean off the table. Good job on the filming. It was very clear what to do.

  2. luiscalcocer says:

    according to google …
    according to google translator it means spring

  3. Pootentate says:

    Awesome! Happy New …
    Awesome! Happy New Year!!

  4. LivLaugh says:

    That’s so cool! …
    That’s so cool! I’m going to make one!

  5. asyoulikeitvideos says:

    春 = spring
    春 = spring

  6. Tahnaykay says:

    Very cool what …
    Very cool what does it mean?

  7. 21Katson says:

    What does the …
    What does the symbol mean?

  8. asyoulikeitvideos says:

    very cool!
    very cool!