Dec 16

Crafting Ideas for Kids : How to Make a Chinese Staircase Bracelet

chinese crafts Learn the technique for making a Chinese staircase bracelet in this free video clip about craft ideas for kids.

Expert: Madison White
Bio: Madison is eleven years old. Several years ago, she started her own company selling various handmade items. She has made Flip Flops for Raven and Dolly Parton.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

Duration : 0:3:27

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  1. TheArtdragon says:

    It might have been …
    It might have been better ifwe could see it from a different angle. Well done though for a great craft.

  2. ParisAlwaysx says:

    Her arm is decked …
    Her arm is decked out!

  3. baileyzervas says:

    What camera do you …
    What camera do you use? It’s amazing! I’m looking for a new one, thanks!

  4. Samrizzla says:

    I just made one, …
    I just made one, turned out perfect, thanks!

  5. Jadester10190 says:

    for kids???? im 14 …
    for kids???? im 14 and watching this LOL you make this so easy!!! good job :D and thanks

  6. AngieJade13 says:

    The string can be …
    The string can be bought at craft stores like micheals or Joann’s any craft store the string it’s called embroidery thread

  7. valeatsnutella says:

    Great vid..where do …
    Great vid..where do i get the string? What is it called? Thankyouu.(:

  8. itsbibibxtchxx says:

    Whoaaaaaa. Don’t …
    Whoaaaaaa. Don’t Put The String Under. It’s Over !

  9. sarahthepixie17 says:

    Thank you for this …
    Thank you for this video! I am 20 and wanna make one for xmas but i don’t understand how to do it. you make it look easier and explain it better, cannot wait to try

  10. MissCrazyChick22 says:

    oh my goodness, …
    oh my goodness, your so amazing! Subsribe, definately!:)xoxoxoxo

  11. Texaswolf88 says:

    Hey this is awesome …
    Hey this is awesome! I remember my friends making these for everyone when I was 13, I still have mine and I wear it on my ankle and I am 23 now. Thanks for the video!

  12. purplegilr1010 says:


  13. Krutschable says:

    very nice Sweetie!! …
    very nice Sweetie!! and that knot is called the Josephine knot.
    looks great!!

  14. 11espiritu says:



  15. wanda534 says:

    it is easy i like …
    it is easy i like t at

  16. juju97beastly says:


  17. mich029i says:


  18. mich029i says:

    takker <3

    takker <3

  19. heathergom12 says:

    you made it sooo …
    you made it sooo easy to understand thank you soooo much c:

  20. cutiestrawberries says:

    how come u put the …
    how come u put the string under? everybody does it over….

  21. foreverSummer35 says:

    you make a four… …
    you make a four…and you pull it through…:)

  22. AnimeDragon636 says:

    Best video I’ve …
    Best video I’ve seen yet! Thanks!

  23. AnimeDragon636 says:

    Best video I’ve …
    Best video I’ve seen yet! Thanks!

  24. Dolphin22ism says:

    Boring (:
    Boring (:

  25. blueflower951 says:

    Hello, got any …
    Hello, got any bracelets on Friendshipbracelets(dot)net that you want tutorials for? Check out my channel and I have a video for requests (Alpha and Normal) I am experienced so I will be able to do any type :)