May 30

Do non-Caucasian men do crafts?

When I go to craft shows and meet other crafters, I see Caucasian men who do crafts. Crocheting, sewing, woodworking, etc. I even met one who collages things. They’re not usually gay either. But, I never see Black or Latino or Chinese etc. men who do a craft. Are they in hiding? Plenty of artists, but no crafters or artisans.

when i was a practicing psychiatric nurse at a large teaching hospital i had a male, black orderly who used to crochet while at work. he was a big burley man with a lovely wife. he made many beautiful afghans. he really did fabulous work and said his father taught him.

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  1. June S says:

    yeah they do well aty least where i come from
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  2. gabound75 says:

    They’re out there. They just don’t want anyone to know.
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  3. ouch says:

    Yes (I’m basically black), I do i all the time. I just don’t show it off. I keep it at home, or show it to just my friends. I have asian friends who do these things also, but they don’t compete either. Actually, I think a lot of what we do could probably win some competitions. But really? What is the point? I’m an engineer, this is just a side hobby, not the basis of my life.
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  4. truecolours says:

    ofcourse they do… probably you need to roam around to different places with craft shows…

    From where I came from it is actually the main source of income for some of the whole family… and am talking about the man of the house who’s doing this kind of work…
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  5. kehkohjones says:

    Yes, non-Caucasian men DO crafts. Do you know who Rosie Grier is (former Football great)? He knits and crochets and at something like 6′ 6" or 8" and weighing over 300 pounds…!

    My crafts include calligraphy, painting, photography, woodwork, engraving, hand-coloring black & white photos that I’ve enlarged in a "wet" (or traditional) darkroom and also papier-maché mask-making (very realistically made and painted). ONLY my daughter takes after me in crafts, no other person in the next generation, unfortunately.

    I’d love to get into silk-screening! I have so many ideas but… where can I get into silk-screening in NYC (or specifically, the Bronx, NY)?

    I don’t understand the remark, "They’re not usually gay, either." Gays do everything that we straights do… it’s not like we’re invading their turf (Hey, no offense taken on my part but also no offense intended on my part, either… just wanted to clarify that point, OK?). Best wishes!
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  6. Cajun_ Creater says:

    Yes, some are just not as open about it because of stereotyping. I wish I could see some of there crafts I bet they are awesome and inspiring.
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  7. blackcrafters says:

    Absolutely. Check out Black Crafters Guild at

    Click on "Gallery to see the work of Chris Malone, a dollmaker and stiltwalker maker. In the artisan listings page (click on "artisans"), there are a few men listed.

    Crafting doesn’t make a man gay. And, being gay doesn’t make a man creative or craftsy. There are plenty of very masculine, tough gay men out there who don’t fit the stereotype at all. Personally, I don’t care if a crafter is gay or hetero. Only his craft work matters to me. :)

    As a matter of fact, traditionally Black men have been very craftsy people, using materials at hand to create useful items. This is a part of my heritage that I’m very proud of. My father was a tailor, my great uncle a shoemaker, and my grandfather a carpenter and cabinetmaker. I wish I had photos of what they made over the years. Wonderful work. And, they surely didn’t hide that they were craftpersons. They had too much confidence to hide or be shy about their work.
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  8. Be Still and know He's God says:

    I have seen some sweet stuff done by chinese and black men. And usually people that are from other countries do crafts that are totally different than the ones we would see in the U.S. done, so they probably wouldn’t be seen at your usual craft fair.
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  9. Pat C says:

    Do you, or your parents remember the big footballer Rosie Greer? He is (or disrespect intended, I don’t know if he is still living ) a nationally renowned needle pointer.
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  10. akualezli says:

    They exist. I know a pewter-smith and a glassmaker— have seen several AA glassmakers at *glass* events. The pewter-smith I met at a local art show…. so guess it depends
    on where you are/go.
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  11. fushia says:

    yes of course they do. many people including the men from other countrys do crafts . just think of the programs involving travel etc , we have all seen plenty of men doing these things for a living.
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  12. jan b says:

    sure there are – check HGTV – they did a special recently about crafters – one featured was a former very high-powered black attorney who does unbelievably gorgeous wood work. You didn’t mention Native American men – know several who do wood work, craft beautiful saddles. Go to Genoa Nevada for the Candy Dance and you’ll see all sorts of ethnic backgrounds among the male crafters.
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  13. justme says:

    when i was a practicing psychiatric nurse at a large teaching hospital i had a male, black orderly who used to crochet while at work. he was a big burley man with a lovely wife. he made many beautiful afghans. he really did fabulous work and said his father taught him.
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