Jun 13

handmade 21st birthday gift (3D origami and amigurumi)

chinese crafts http://jewellia7777.blogspot.co.nz/2012/04/gift-idea-for-21st-birthday-present.html
Gifts don’t have to be bought! Handmade ones are just as good and thoughtful^_^

Duration : 0:1:14

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  1. jewellia7777 says:

    i didnt use a book …
    i didnt use a book for this, but if you mean for the really old models, look up 3d origami book on google and you’ll find it on amazon called “3d origami”, “more 3d origami” and “more & more 3d origami”

  2. Nick Gallagher says:

    hey can u tell me …
    hey can u tell me the book you use?

  3. dedebug1 says:

    omg can you make a …
    omg can you make a video on the big bear?? i love itt

  4. Iloveyhugonzalez says:

    @jewellia7777 thank …
    @jewellia7777 thank you :) I made the cake for my mom’s b-day she liked it ^-^

  5. jewellia7777 says:

    3d origami for …
    3d origami for beginners shows how to make the base. If the pieces pop off then the papers too slippery. you’ll have to glue the pieces or find paper with better grip

  6. Iloveyhugonzalez says:

    I have a question …
    I have a question and please answer :’( when I make the triangles I have a hard time connecting them because they pop open from the middle and I forgot how to do the base

  7. krnyoohoo says:

    can you do …
    can you do adventure time origami?!

  8. jewellia7777 says:

    I like smaller …
    I like smaller pieces better, it looks nicer/finer

  9. vikasmehmi says:

    Instead of small …
    Instead of small paper use bigger paper it looks nicer that all those small papers.

  10. 33trentino says:


  11. mrayvinm says:

    Where do you get …
    Where do you get your paper

  12. mrayvinm says:

    Where do you buy …
    Where do you buy your paper???

  13. hugthesquid says:

    its been ages since …
    its been ages since youve made a tutorial:( please make one

  14. BTwist123 says:

    where do you get …
    where do you get ur paper and your beads?

  15. TheOrigamiMaker1 says:

    Could you try to …
    Could you try to make a tutorial on anything by karensukut? She has a few cool things, but her tutorials are hard to follow

  16. davordbz says:

    can you please make …
    can you please make a tutorial for that cute bear ??

  17. Hayley Carlile says:

    hey jewellia, i was …
    hey jewellia, i was wondering, can you please make a toutorial for the teddy?
    i would love to make it. its sooo cute!!

  18. monica isabel jose says:

    can you please make …
    can you please make a video on the chinese groom and bride

  19. jewellia7777 says:

    look up 3d origami …
    look up 3d origami for beginners. it says that near the beginning of the newer vids

  20. hetaliafan2002 says:

    i watch most of …
    i watch most of your vids but the do not show how you make your peiecs

  21. pandaprincess1020 says:

    please make a …
    please make a tutorial for all of these they are sooooo cute

  22. iGotPryde says:

    Do …

    Do you glue the head of the bear to the body or is there an inverted row below it?

  23. xxOrigamiFreakxx says:

    How many pieces to …
    How many pieces to form the base of the origami teddys body? and how many for the base of the head?

  24. amyamyamyxoxoxo says:

    can you sell these? …
    can you sell these? I would buy one if you did. :)