Sep 28

How to Fold a T-Shirt the Chinese Way : DIY Crafts

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Folding a T-shirt the Chinese way requires you to begin by folding it down the center. Fold a t-shirt the Chinese way with help from an experienced crafts professional in this free video clip.

Expert: Linda Facci
Filmmaker: Brandon Somerton

Series Description: You can make a wide variety of different crafts right at home, using tools you likely already have, like T-shirt transfers. Get tips on a variety of different “do it yourself” crafts with help from an experienced crafts professional in this free video series.

Duration : 0:1:18



  1. Lisbel Vargas says:

    Its baskly just …
    Its baskly just folding the T-shirt in half

  2. Elvis Le says:


  3. mouad abouabid says:

    MILF though 
    MILF though 

  4. Angie Tristan says:

    Title of the video, …
    Title of the video, WHO CARES… Do u know how long it took me to fold ALL of my families shirts on laundry day! My HUSBAND WAS IMPRESSED OF THE SPEED! Thankyou for showing a new way i Didnt know.

  5. Desdemona Gladiola says:

    I’ll try this. …
    I’ll try this. Thanks for posting.

  6. Desdemona Gladiola says:

    This isn’t racist! …
    This isn’t racist! If I compare the American way of speaking English to the Australian way of speaking English, am I making a racist comparison? THere’s a British way of driving. There’s a Spanish way of dancing. THere’s a Thai wa;y of cooking. These are differentiations, not value judgements!

    Idiots on YouTUbe! <—- THAT is a value judgement. See the difference?

  7. TheSethnicity says:

    I should never be …
    I should never be surprised at the length people will go to offend or be offended. – stop the hate. Good video.

  8. Lea Jawad says:

    What did I just …
    What did I just watched?

  9. Wilson Diaz says:

    Awesome :D
    Awesome :D

  10. DoughboyMarine says:

    The Chinese way? …
    The Chinese way? Racist much?

  11. Mr99RICH99 says:

    go jump off a …
    go jump off a bridge

  12. k3nnyfoster says:

    you’ve managed 3.5k …
    you’ve managed 3.5k views in 1 day with the title HOW TO FOLD A TSHIRT THE CHINESE WAY well done your a penis. who really gives a how a shirts folded if its not creased hahaha im creased how ironic EH

  13. Rainalot says:

    This is the …
    This is the identical method from Video Jug’s “How to fold a T-shirt in two seconds” video. And that was posted years ago.

  14. OfficialAnarchyz says:

    Maybe it can be …
    Maybe it can be done twice as fast the chinese way :)

  15. lukio583 says:

    lol you’re right
    lol you’re right

  16. ayatchafaqui says:

    Because folding a T …
    Because folding a T-Shirt normally is too mainstream for Linda Facci. #hipsterlife

  17. MarcLloydZ says:

    you use heated …
    you use heated stone you need to put the smooth stones on a firepit take it out depending on the material you are ironing take it out in 15-20 minutes then put all the smooth stones on top of your clothes it will be flat and will deodorize your stinky socks also.

  18. Neil Robinson says:

    Be quick to just …
    Be quick to just fold it…

  19. NobelWinner says:

    how to iron a shirt …
    how to iron a shirt the korean way is what i want to know.

  20. 5starrater1 says:


  21. Snowwhitedove7 says:

    ahh i saw this on …
    ahh i saw this on some talk show last week but had no idea this was the Chinese way they just said it saved time and space

  22. Madiha Khan says:

    It’s easy to fold …
    It’s easy to fold it that way without the table and the ridiculously convoluted arm crossing and “imaginary lines.” Unless you like folding for fun or to waste time, this method is crap (no offense).

  23. OngoingMarsThruGuitar says:

    Tomato tomatoe. …
    Tomato tomatoe. You say Chinese I say Japanese.

  24. IForgotMyKeys199 says:

    Instructions not …
    Instructions not clear enough, got dick caught in cupboard door at 0:51