Dec 05

How to Make a 3D Origami Dragon (Chinese Dragon) Won 2nd in State Fair of 2012

chinese crafts How to Make a 3D Origami Dragon. I created a 3d origami dragon, 3D Chinese dragon (中国龙) to celebrate the dragon year of 2012.
1. Cylinder style is very difficult to build. Don’t forget glue each paper.
2. Use papers with same color on both sides. I used the copy machine papers.
3. Imagination and creating is the key.
4. If you know how to build the base 3D origami, that will help you to understand.

Duration : 0:6:48



  1. Karen Sukut says:


  2. yikehaitong says:


  3. Karen Sukut says:

    I don’t understand …
    I don’t understand. sorry, brandon.

  4. brandon huynh says:

    What is the base
    What is the base

  5. Tomas Kika says:

    I want make this …
    I want make this dragon for my girlfriend …. but I need better tutorial pls write me some links  my E-mail is

  6. Tomas Kika says:

    How many pieces …
    How many pieces you are used ??

  7. sarahkilen00 says:

    Sick good!
    Sick good!

  8. Karen Sukut says:

    The paper width is …
    The paper width is 2 cm and length is 4.5 cm. almost width : length = 1:2.

  9. Senoj Nalced says:

    What size paper are …
    What size paper are you using to make the peices

  10. Karen Sukut says:

    Thank you Fairy …
    Thank you Fairy Tail. I hope you like the project.

  11. Fairy Tail says:

    because its too …
    because its too nice so i dont know what r u doing about :)

  12. Fairy Tail says:

    ahem,from the …
    ahem,from the begining until the end , i dont know what r u doing!!

  13. Fairy Tail says:

    hi , ni hao ma?
    hi , ni hao ma?

  14. eragon shadeslayer says:

    Ah okay…. I am …
    Ah okay…. I am getting there… I have a head all of the legs and the ball…. Time for the body!!!

  15. Karen Sukut says:

    use glue and tied …
    use glue and tied feet and legs together over night. The second back foot should looks like another side back foot.

  16. eragon shadeslayer says:

    It’s me again the …
    It’s me again the feet are a little confusing….. The second back foot that goes on the back side in the rear end of the dragon, is it the same as the first foreleg or is it different

  17. Karen Sukut says:

    glue and tie …
    glue and tie together about 2 hours. I did before I went to bed.

  18. eragon shadeslayer says:

    Can you clarify how …
    Can you clarify how to connect the legs to the feet?

  19. iris ellison says:

    This only won …
    This only won second?! How the did it not win first?

  20. Karen Sukut says:

    use school glue. …
    use school glue. cheap.

  21. SxGliiDe says:

    Eragon shadeslayer …
    Eragon shadeslayer man he’s good with his magic-Sapharia she’s a cool dragon magic-kavista-skulblakasven-bron?brom? Uhh I haven’t watched eragon in time that’s the book I worked on in primary

  22. Liang Wang says:

    Do you have any …
    Do you have any recommendation for the type of glue I should use?

  23. eragon shadeslayer says:

    That’s a good idea. …
    That’s a good idea… I am a person who builds and unbuilds until I like it and then unbuild and rebuild gluing along the way

  24. Karen Sukut says:

    it is true it is …
    it is true it is very hard to bend. try to place each row forward to the shape with glue. don’t stop to place each row until you see the shape.

  25. eragon shadeslayer says:

    The tube is a pain …
    The tube is a pain in the to bend into the heart shape…. Advice?