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How to make a Chinese Dragon out of Loo Roll Tubes – RED!

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Easy, fun dragon craft for children roooooooaaaaarrrrrr!
Chinese New Year, St Georges Day and St Davids day are some of my favourite celebrations of the year because they inspire me to make DRAGON crafts and do dragon activities and games with my nieces and nephews. I love making crafts from old loo roll (or toilet roll ) holders, it is an easy and fun activity. As you can see this craft is a little but messier than most of the crafts I choose to show in videos but it is really easy non the less. This is an awesome activity to do with children near to St Georges Day or St Davids day but especially in 2012 for Chinese New Year, the year of the dragon!

Chinese dragons should be red as it is lucky! Ditto Welsh dragons are always red as well.

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