Jul 08

How to Make a Kirigami Chinese Dragon Pop-up Card

chinese crafts http://www.easycutpopup.com — Have you ever marveled at a beautiful pop-up card and wondered how they made it? Well, now you can do it too. Kirigami, the art of paper cutting is special way to make beautiful handmade paper art. With my printable patterns and Kirigami is fun for novice and advanced paper crafters. Just print from any desktop printer, fold, cut, assemble! All parts interlock, using no glue. Best of all, you can customize, personalize and make them over and over again! If you love Paper Crafts, Origami, Jianzhi, Kirigami, Monkiri, Papel Picado, Scherenschnitte, Wycinanki, Card Making, and Scrapbooking, Easy Cut Pop-up™ patterns are a great addition to your paper craft studio. http://www.easycutpopup.com

Duration : 0:10:21

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  1. MrGideon2080 says:

    yes. its sucks man!
    yes. its sucks man!

  2. 345874 says:

    where do u print …
    where do u print out the patterns? it says you have to pay like $4 for one card.

  3. yazan1785 says:




  4. andriusrx says:

    Could you do like …
    Could you do like schemes for it i really want to try make it at home

  5. michaelineangelo says:

    That was so cool!
    That was so cool!

  6. Boomandy3 says:

    wow. this is …
    wow. this is amazing. i love it so much. i’m working on a paper dress for a fashion design school project and this is just what i was looking 4.
    thank u so much for putting this video on youtube <3

  7. tubeVault says:

    wonderful artwork
    wonderful artwork

  8. joliejow says:

    WHERE we can get …
    WHERE we can get the thing what u printed to paper?[2]

  9. TheHDQuality says:

    WHERE we can get …
    WHERE we can get the thing what u printed to paper? It isnt free right? Sick ppl will ask only money for this, MORE sicker ppl buy a skin or whateva ur printing on the paper

  10. Godzoned says:

    This is just …
    This is just incredible. Just about to go to the website and check it out

  11. luemoonba says:

    That was womderful …
    That was womderful ! Thank You Im new at this and your videos are sooo helpful.

  12. shining8blade says:

    nice m8 and keep …
    nice m8 and keep the hard work :)