Oct 06

How to Make a Mated Snake Knot Bracelet by TIAT

chinese crafts Paracord Fusion Ties – Volume 1: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/paracord-fusion-ties-volume-1-j-d-lenzen/1111789941?ean=9780985557805 Fusion knotting is moving forward. Practitioners are understanding the principles of the fundamental theories and tying techniques, and so…I now wish to steer you toward foundation techniques that are, in themselves, the beginning of a vast quantity of new and innovative ties. First up…the Snake Knot tying technique. Or as I have created, the mated Snake Knot variant. Shown here in its most fundamental form, I will over the course of the next few months show you how this foundation tie can become a wide range of fantastic tie designs! In short, rivaled only by the Endless Falls, the Snake Knot is one of the most adaptable ties I know. Side Note: Reviews for PFT (i.e. on Amazon) and multiple online comments have (in effect) suggested I should stop teaching my weekly videos and/or charge for them (via a pay site). Further, I’m being told I should only catalog (through my books) techniques not yet shown on YouTube. Doing so would (in my opinion) stunt the knowledge people are currently gaining, and I wish to do neither. This said, what are your thoughts? Is there a large contingent of people who actually want me to stop showing you techniques on a weekly (YouTube) basis? And instead would rather only see my ties summarized on a yearly basis (via my books)? I’m confused by this, but multiple people have called for just that. So let me know…

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  1. northernXposed says:

    Hey JD. First off, …
    Hey JD. First off, I think I totally get your philodophy. Having said that, whether or not you continue to give free video tutorials I will continue to buy your books. I appreciate your passion for passing on what you know and learn so we can can learn as well. Tying paracord has been a great stress reliever for me. I even joined a facebook group with other knot crazy people. I say keep doing what you’re doing cause it works.

  2. monkeyman1704 says:

    Hi , love the new …
    Hi , love the new tie , am always interested when you do new stuff and after reading the info thought I would add my view . I am very new to all this and have found the YouTube videos very informative and helpful if a little daunting at first I hadn’t realised there were so many , you could say I have got the bug and bought both your books which I think are brilliant ; I have found the books to be more helpful to me but I still keep checking YouTube for a cross reference purpose and visa versa

  3. BSFabrication says:

    Sick tie JD!!
    Sick tie JD!!

  4. TrainerSteveRKC says:

    Hi JD,
    I own both …

    Hi JD,
    I own both of your books on tying… and will own the electronic version of PFT1 as soon as available. I started with “macrame” in the 70′s. This is my meditation and becomes gifts for friends, family and even clients. I look forward to your videos, they are a wonderful adjunct to the printed page and often clear up questions. I would be sad, but would understand and “subscribe” if you went to a paid service. Though my “Zen” self loves your giving way.
    Thank you.
    PS. Nice wedding band!

  5. Shawnna Dunn says:

    I love your videos …
    I love your videos and even though I’m new to this, I enjoy it so much more because of your videos. I subscribe here and I plan to buy the book. My boyfriend and I spend hours making the bracelets you show and I became excited about knotting and ties because of your videos. Thank you so much and please, don’t stop making your videos!

  6. drnili says:

    I totally agree …
    I totally agree with Marion McCurley. I don’t know how I originally found you but the 1st video I saw was so clear and pleasant I subscribed & have been learning since then. No need to be afraid that if you “give it away” you won’t make money. The music industry and others are finding the exact opposite is true. The free materials generate good will & MORE interest in the items which are for sale, in your case books. I for one very much appreciate you and others who share their knowledge.

  7. OtterTraxx says:

    Also, I love the …
    Also, I love the way you start your videos. It’s like your thumbs are always surprised that there’s cord under them…. Lol!

  8. OtterTraxx says:

    Keep up the good …
    Keep up the good work, J.D. If you have to charge, I guess I have to pay. Too many people want everything for free these days. I hope you don’t, but I guess I’d understand. Btw, I bought one of your books (decorative fusion knots) for my iPad. Well, done.

  9. Marion McCurley says:

    Please keep up with …
    Please keep up with the videos. Everything about them is wonderful, from the ties to the music to the overall serene presentation. I find tying to be very relaxing and therapeutic, and your videos are the best.

  10. dianahaynwilliams says:

    Please don’t stop …
    Please don’t stop doing your videos, even if it’s only monthly instead of weekly (although I would miss the weekly). Your books are awesome but there’s no substitute for the videos, which in themselves are wonderful. No one does a video for knot tying like you do (and I love the music and production also). Your videos are what go me started and keep me inspired to keep at it.

  11. n3ha007 says:

    I have made around …
    I have made around 4-5 bracelets following the instructions you gave and everyone loved it. Thanks alot for sharing your knowledge. Your videos are creative and awesome.

  12. undeadlybeautiful says:

    Where do u get the …
    Where do u get the para cord??

  13. BladeforgerKLX says:

    A good knot …
    A good knot sequence for the SECOND Paracord Fusion Ties book, which I shall of course buy as soon as it comes out. And a big thank you for all the videos and the books. I’ve excitedly tied a Shark Jaw Bone, which I’ll have to do more of; two Blaze Bars, which are cool; and 4 or 5 duality bars in red and blue as well as a new watch band using four inner strands instead of 2–half red and half blue. This came out with one strap blue with 2 red lines and the other the reverse. Thanks!!!!

  14. aracinid says:

    This following …
    This following picture is what I basically did (not long enough yet though):
    h t t p : / / i 4 7 . t i n y p i c . c o m / 3 5 i q 8 3 t . j p g
    After I add a few more ‘units’ to make it fit my wrist size, how should I finish it?
    I don’t really like ‘tucking it back’ through previous ‘units’…
    So is there any other option?

  15. wolfhunterv1 says:

    Dont stop making …
    Dont stop making the vids I am sure they are wishing to have a monopoly on your work for profit. others are wishing you to stop so they can sell there wares they learned from you. I see this as an art and a hobby with an ever expanding base. every “piece of art” you produce on vid grows your base and your book sales and keeps everyone wanting more. I personally purchased both your books to help show cubscouts, every meeting more and more people are carrying your books. we all thank you

  16. redtekbec says:

    JD, Please don’t …
    JD, Please don’t stop doing those videos altogether.  I know it is a lot of work, but they are, themselves, works of art. I have bought your book because of the videos. I would consider buying a series of these videos on disk, if you offered it. I think you are an amazing artist and I wish you success. Basically, I am telling you to go with your heart on this decision.

  17. millionairejh says:

    nice, looks like a …
    nice, looks like a thicker version of your snake knot bracelet

  18. jedijerdrums says:

    No way! I got into …
    No way! I got into paracord because of your weekly vids and I love the weekly updates. Please don’t go away! Funny story … just had my 40th bday celebration and one of my buddies gifts for me was a whole package of paracord goodies because my stock was running low. ha,ha

  19. sjcrsr says:

    Hey JD,
    WHY?… …

    Hey JD,
    WHY?…Would anyone want you to stop doing the videos? Your videos are the greatest informative tool for anyone interested in fusion knotting…….period.
    The books are definitive tools as well. I now have both and find myself referring to them often when I am away from computer access…i.e when I am at work :).
    I would ask that you continue to do both. One without the other would be like trying to install an elevator in an outhouse, it just wouldn’t be right.
    Keep TIAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. gullinvarg says:

    I suspect that …
    I suspect that whoever is telling you not to do the video is thinking that doing free videos probably hurts your book sales. I have both your knot books, in addition to being subscribed to your channel so I obviously like both. :)

  21. valeria bartra says:

    No music video?
    No music video?

  22. James Makishima says:

    Thanks JD for this …
    Thanks JD for this video. I agree with inquisitivewolf………….I get so much more out of the videos than the books…..although I like to keep the books for referference…….your videos are the ones that I learn the most from. I’m a visual person……I watch the video about 5 times and once I can visualize it in head I can pretty much do the tie…….if I can’t visualize it in my head I can’t do it. Thanks for all your hard work…….you’re the best.

  23. Arsenio Dev says:

    i want to learn how …
    i want to learn how to tie as good as you!!! i use my nexus 7 with all your videos downloaded (DONT ASK HOW) to pass time in class and on road trips

  24. inquisitivewolf says:


    We all learn …

    We all learn through repetition, and your videos provide a dynamic medium for learning which is enhanced/reinforced by your books. If you were to sell your books yearly without the videos, the experience/excitement of seeing new ties would be diminished (for me). This is because the videos are more than just knot tying, they include carefully paired music, choreographed hand movements, and minimalist explanations, creating a zen-like immersive experience. What a gift to share.