Feb 14

How to make construction paper decorative Paper Lamp

chinese crafts In this episode we show you how to make construction paper decorative Paper Lamp

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Simple Kids Crafts (www.simplekidscrafts.com) is a video blog dedicated to children’s arts and crafts, as well as sharing craft recipes and experiments.. We offer easy and simple crafts with step by step instructions, coloring pages, school resources, educational materials, arts and science projects for kids, parents and teachers …. and all for FREE!

with a focus on crafts for pre-school, kindergarten and elementary crafts.

Make easy, simple crafts, especially made for children, with paper, pompoms, things easy to find at home and recycled materials. decorative and functional crafts, including painting, functional toys, gifts, cards, easy projects and ideas, puppet shows, albums, scrapbooking and jewelry. In addition experiments for kids interested in science.

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  1. mrsstevens69 says:

    i did this wen i …
    i did this wen i was 4

  2. simplekidscrafts says:

    @MsGrantula Thanks!
    @MsGrantula Thanks!

  3. MsGrantula says:


  4. star6794125 says:

    lol its easy to do
    lol its easy to do

  5. sahibayaalam says:

    i have make it it …
    i have make it it is very simple and give nice look

  6. simplekidscrafts says:

    lol :) yeah is a …
    lol :) yeah is a classic

  7. simplekidscrafts says:

    i thought so I am …
    i thought so I am trying to compress as much as I can :) we just came back from a Turkish Festival raining like crazy here LOL

  8. melonpun says:

    yeah because the …
    yeah because the file size is bigger than the normal quality…sometimes the file size reaches double or triple or more than the normal video quality.

  9. simplekidscrafts says:

    hd is a bit slow?
    hd is a bit slow?

  10. simplekidscrafts says:

    thanks sis
    thanks sis

  11. simplekidscrafts says:

    I usually use a hot …
    I usually use a hot glue gun when I was trying this with a regular glue stick it was hard to do it with a bit of glue because the glue was a bit dry

  12. spiritlite says:


  13. melonpun says:

    the HD quality is …
    the HD quality is really clear