Jan 01

How to Tie a Paracord Snake Knot by TIAT

chinese crafts Paracord Fusion Ties – Volume 1: http://www.amazon.com/Paracord-Fusion-Ties-Volume-Bundles/dp/098555780X The Snake Knot, like many Chinese symbols, is considered a representation of good luck. For some, it further embodies the spirit of the Chinese zodiac for the snake. Video by JD of TIAT (Tying It All Together).

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  1. TechnoZombie says:

    Is there anyway to …
    Is there anyway to have a loop on top in order to make a lanyard but with two colors aswell?

  2. i4g0t2B says:

    Kid for Today… …
    Kid for Today…man I’m tyin all sorts of stuff now….great instructions and thanks for the new hobby

  3. i4g0t2B says:

    Great Job!!
    Great Job!!

  4. dsllim55 says:

    I like all your …
    I like all your videos. I would like to see some videos with you using the buckles on the bracelets. Thank you

  5. HawgHunta1 says:

    all right. i want …
    all right. i want to make a duck call lanyard. how much feet of paracord do i need? plz reply

  6. habit545 says:

    Thanks for all the …
    Thanks for all the great videos, keep posting please! I’m learning a lot

  7. OneDayInMyGarden says:

    A small pair of …
    A small pair of tongs will get into use with that

  8. jfuentezhd says:

    Fuck it!
    Fuck it!

  9. jfuentezhd says:

    I guess I’m an …
    I guess I’m an idiot cuz I can’t figure this thing out and I’m looking straight at it!

  10. BLUECHET says:

    boards of canada!!

    boards of canada!!

  11. JonnyMacVA says:

    Excellent video. …
    Excellent video. For every inch of weave, how many feet of each color cordage do you need?

  12. sanitydistortion says:

    I love it! Will be …
    I love it! Will be making this as zipper pulls on my Rush 24!

  13. vjanda1 says:

    how can it be …

    how can it be made with 4 ends rather than 2?
    See my image:

    Many thanks

  14. Megasamurai66 says:

    Could you make …

    Could you make this into a lanyard?

  15. benbenekben benek says:

    Tiat youre crazy …
    Tiat youre crazy with that knost : b Good job : )… Begining snake knot…..

  16. KattiaKattia says:

    thank you :) i …
    thank you :) i found it helpful

  17. Francisco212324 says:


  18. butaangas says:

    What’s the …
    What’s the background music? Looks like Boards Of Canada

  19. drtouchine says:

    Best video on the …
    Best video on the snake knot by far.

  20. drtouchine says:

    Best video on the …
    Best video on the snake know by far.

  21. averyaugust says:

    Argh, I cannot get …
    Argh, I cannot get the knots to line up in a straight line. And tightening is such a pain. Alas, practice makes perfect…

  22. TyingItAllTogether says:

    - One loop at a …
    – One loop at a time, starting from the top down. Tighten one side, then the other.

  23. jrobb2855 says:

    How do you tighten …
    How do you tighten it once you are done?

  24. picante480 says:

    video is not …
    video is not working