Jul 10

Panjiayuan Weekend Market – Beijing China

chinese crafts The Panjiayuan Market is a super shopping market for all Chinese Arts and crafts. It is made up of over three thousand individual stalls covering 48,500 square metres.

Duration : 0:1:55

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  1. xcipherninjax says:

    she got rip off …
    she got rip off that thing only worth 10 rmb

  2. ifuckccp says:

    bargain with a …
    bargain with a calculator, haha

  3. alexsteb says:

    if you think you …
    if you think you made a good bargain, it’s still 10 times the normal price sometimes. They have those Mao-bags and try to sell them at 150 yuan, eventually i bargained down to 5 yuan :)

  4. ramenx2 says:

    she bought a piece …
    she bought a piece of paper for about 14 dollars???

  5. redpanda416 says:

    Its a great place …
    Its a great place to be, lots of interesting goods in there, but if you are interested in something,do not show great interest, or the seller may increase the price. and to if you try to bargain, start from 10%-25% what the seller asks, normally you will be able to get it at 30%-50% of his price.

  6. traveldudes2 says:

    very commercial …
    very commercial but really interesting too

  7. Indie5Collective says:

    Wow! Interesting.
    Wow! Interesting.